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Pestilential Shadows - Balam and "Revenant"

Forever evolving and redefining the boundaries of epic original Black Metal is Pestilential Shadows. A band that makes no apologies and will not be rushed into doing things before they are ready. Always uncompromising and progressing this Australian act remains at the forefront of the genre even with the delay of seven years between their albums ‘’Ephemeral’’ and ‘’Revenant’’, their latest offering of musical darkness.

‘’Balam Guitars, Bass, Vocals ‘’The delay was a combination of things, the biggest issue being the distance of members. It was logistically quite difficult to get everyone together to write music. Injury also played a part and recently the onset of Covid making interstate travel for members impossible.

Revenant is darker. Natural progression?

‘’Natural progression really, that coupled with the mix makes for quite a heavy album.

The riff of Beneath the dying stars?

‘’Beneath The Dying Stars was written by Somnus and myself. I like to write long winding passages that involve the listener as much as I’m involved and riffs like this have always been a running theme through the history of Pestilential Shadows.

The theme of spirits that return from the dead.

‘’The title ‘Revenant’ pulls the listener into the realm of spirits and re-animation and the themes do run through the album.

Should we abandon hope and the afterlife?

‘’I think we should abandon hope in a comfortable pleasant afterlife. I think there is an afterlife, just more in the effect of positive and negative planes.

The planes of existence?

‘’Not research so much but real-life experience, going through extreme injury and near death for me was an incredible journey. Not a pleasant one but eye opening.

Lyrical Inspiration?

‘’The fragility and stupidity of the human race, and the destruction of it, definitely inspires drive behind the lyrics.

Black metal has changed are you still proud to be labelled as such?

‘’We have and always will be a black metal band. I really have no interest in branching out into other genres. I wouldn’t say I’m proud but it’s good to know that there are people out there that know what real Black Metal is about.

Defining Extreme music?

‘’I guess the definition of extreme would come down to the person listening to it. To be Extreme both musically and lyrically is the point of a genre like Black Metal. Otherwise just don’t bother trying!

What drew you initially to Black metal?

‘’Listening to Heavy Metal or Death Metal when I was a teenager just didn’t cut it lyrically, when I heard Black Metal, it spoke to me on a different level like it does for I think for most people. There are always the tourists that get into the extreme imagery of the subculture, but they soon move onto the next thing.

What is next for Pestilential Shadows?

‘’We’ve been working on concepts and music for something new. Always a slow process but we hope to not take so long with another release.

Top 6 albums of all time

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3. Burzum – Filofosem

4. Abigor – Supreme Immortal Art

5. Lurker of Chalice – Self Titled

6. Lord Belial – Enter The Moonlight Gate

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