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Order of the Ebon Hand - “The bands philosophy serves and is dedicated to the Left-Hand Path."'

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Order of the Ebon Hand are Black Metal royalty. From their inception the Greek outfit have pursued and explored the myriads of musical darkness without compromise or sacrifice for their art. Merkaal Vocals/Bass is one of its founders.

“’ It was the August of '94 about a year after the murder of Euronymous. While

the other kids were having such a good summertime, we were deciding that

that we were so much obsessed into this kind of music, that "No way, we Have

to start playing Black Metal ourselves". To be Honest, weirdly, we were

struggling a couple of years to find the proper name. We were ready to sign the

contract for our debut, and there it came "ORDER OF THE EBON HAND"

sounding pompous, and "borrowed" from Magic the Gathering Card Game.’’

“The bands philosophy serves and is dedicated to the Left-Hand Path. Most

themes of the band are walking through its hidden Corridors. Thus, the name

above did suit perfectly in the long run, as it came to be.’’

You began as raw black metal and have progressed to...?

‘’As Order of the Ebon Hand, we always considered our Black Metal to have a

balance between rawness and atmosphere. Always, having some components of

Heavy Metal installed therein as well. The things that progressed were our

skills and music capabilities. We gained a certain amount of maturity as well.

The Vision on itself, stayed Quite the Same.’’

Do you still consider yourselves black metal?

‘’Of course. We consider our music Black Metal. It is Title of Honour. And it is -

by far- the least limiting Genre of metal, and its most adult-oriented form, I

should add.’’

It’s been 14 years between releases, how has the band progressed with your

latest release VII: The Chariot?

‘’Being honest, the recognition of "VII: The Chariot" up to now is paying the

price of the long wait between albums, but as they say Time will Tell. We are

happy for the not numerous, yet intense voices, supporting this was "the Best

Album of ..." We really put in huge effort, and literally ourselves in it. It is the

first Order of the Ebon Hand album we are completely satisfied with.’’

Why the long delay and are you working on new music?

‘’At the time these lines are written we are working on new material for our next

album "ΧI: Justice" We plan to start recordings early in 2021. The main

composition of the album is already complete, but more ideas and visions

appear on the table, with each passing day. As for the space between releases,

well as one would have said "we have our own Reasoning for the Meaning of


How will it be different from your other work?

‘’Different and all the same in a way! Each and every album (apart from the

debut) deals with a Tarot Card, seen through a Black Metal spectrum. So there

is a Continuation, and vast possibilities to explore sounds, as we venture from

the theme of one card to another. The main difference that now, Order of the

Ebon Hand, is a parted by certain new members, musicians that excel in their


You also have a new keyboardist?

‘’Yes, it is Obsidian, and we are blessed Fate brought us together. Her

contribution to our work as a band is huge, and Her Keyboard work on "XI:

JUSTICE" is massive, as you will Listen.’’

How do you describe extreme music and why do you still find it so vital?

‘’I am not sure about the term "extreme music", as it can a bit diplomatic. I

know about Black Metal for sure. It is vital, healthy and it is the spearhead of

all metal music, in our times. However, extremity in music, is a means

necessary for the people that cannot express themselves otherwise, and are not

compatible with the mediocre masses of the world. They would never fit there,

instead they find a perfect home in these margins. Also, about extremity, going

back to the roots we must keep in mind that Metal is a lot about youthful


Should music be without limits?

‘’The exploration in art is without limits, though we have to consider personal

danger. Sometimes the price for a really divine creation, or performance is

High. It is considered that Salvatore Dali stayed awake for days, as to connect

with his subconscious. Consider Mayhem's Dead, and on the other side, the

paradigm of the movie "Black Swan". Our Music is Black Metal. As I

understand it, and with all that this Term entitles. Our music itself, is a parted

by images, colours, sensation’s, and landscapes. It is something very specific,

not a compilation of riffs.’’

Your original influences that made you want to play an instrument?

‘’As for the Bass its certainly Lemmy of Motorhead, and Joey De Maio of

Manowar, in particular more than any other specific figurehead. As for music

in general, Quorthon's Bathory and Celtic Frost, are considered real Family in

the heart of my Youth. And Fenriz'es Era when he carried Darkthrone on his

own, is not really far away. I started playing a music instrument at 17 years of

age, we were recording our first album at 18.’’

Is there any new music that has gotten your attention?

‘’Surely. Great Music will go on! As for 2019's albums Mispyrming, Mgla,

Borknagar, Heilung, Blut Aus Nord, Bozler, Aoratos, Wormwitch, Keys of

Orthanc, Urn, Lichmagick all these bands released great albums. But bands

you should definitely check their work -those of you haven't already done so-

from '10 and after are Thy Darkened Shade, Acrimonious, Serpent Noir.’’

Why are all the gods openly your enemies?

‘’These are "Aiantas" Lyrics *smiles* The lyrics are derived of Sophocles Play

"Aiantas". This is the central Monologue of the Play, where the Hero finds

himself truly alone. Both Greeks and Trojans, and literally all the Gods, that

support the two sides are now his Enemies. His only, option is to Flee, but

cannot do find himself to so, as he is bound to duty and honour.

And there the great Poet swifts, from the Hero's burden, to us:

"What joy can each day bring when each day- even though feigning to

postpone- each day, brings us closer to death"

The Inspiration for these concepts?

‘’Mostly the Occult, Magic, and Demons, on the one hand, and some Epic

Themes on the Other. Swords and Sorcery, one could say. But not only.

Inspiration can literally come from everywhere, but that matter must have a

great Importance to you and your life.

I like lyrics that are metaphors, not literally telling a tale, but more

transmitting feelings, emotions, and pieces of a story. Sometimes even

shattered fragments of Images. The listener's active imagination may find the

way to put the pieces all together.’’

You tend to cover more esoteric themes than current events? Does Eastern

Mediterranean influence you rather than day to day politics?

‘’Goetia. In one word, more than anything most of our Lyrics have a Goetic

basis. And yes, in this concept, mundane themes are Ignored, even scorned

upon. As in "The Slow Death Walk."

We prefer to propose Eternal Ideals.’’

Your thoughts on Hermeticism Gnosticism and Neoplatonism and how they

can be used today rather than our attachment to material possessions?

‘’I think the question, in a way gives the answer itself. Well, if we identify

ourselves with what we possess, we tie ourselves with our belongings. This a

real demise at the final hour when one passes the Judgment of Anubis. The

Chariot's Press Release Note concluded as follows:" "The Chariot" then

becomes the means to Exceed the Chariot Itself. The Vehicle, whether be

Weapon or Body is merely an Instrument, and not the Self. The Conquest itself,

becomes a Trial of Realization, its purpose to Destroy all the Illusions of Life -

that would prove Oblivious at the Ultimate Hour!"

Have we stopped thinking about larger concepts?

‘’If we do it will be our doom.’’

The Slow Death Walk deals with mortality and the mundane. How can we

change this and is there anything after our deaths?

‘’Thank you for the question, we are in alignment, as the answers given above

led me to this as well.

"Walk down the mundane path, can you make out the end of the line (there

lies Certain and Death. Oblivion)" For the mundane life this is absolute. I will

be blunt, it is the Feast of Worms in the Very End. Only Spiritual Life has the

means to Transcend this.’’

Sabnock is more positive and the strength that comes from within?

‘’In this Song, the Strength comes from the Demon! *laughs* But yes, the Lyrics

as I mentioned earlier, do not just "tell the facts" but poetically describe

experiences and feelings concerning the topic. This particular's song Lyrical

structure is quite based on traditional metal.’’

Is music your only passion or are there any others?

‘’Being a Trained Actor, and having worked professionally on Theatre well,

yeah there is great passion there for sure. Performing is Vital! I am a fanatic

Bookworm as well. I read all the Time. It is mostly books of Theatre, and books

of the Occult the latest years, less literature and Poetry.’’

The greatest riff of all time if it’s not yours?

‘’Once I 've said, on a humorous tone that all music was created so we 'd come

to the bridge riff in the midst of Immortal’s "Withstand the Fall of Time". A

Dreadfully Perfect Lead break is found in Coroner's "Son of Lilith". I Cannot

really answer this question literally. "Angel of Death" by AngelWitch - ha-ha.’’

Your favourite Order of the Ebon Hand song?

‘’This is like asking for your favourite child *smiling grin*

Well, it is "Knight of Swords"

Plans for the future.

‘’To Work nonstop for the upcoming Album (s), taken advantage of the Fire we

have currently with new line up, and of course to present our music Live in any

given occasion, all challenges accepted! We always considered Order of the

Ebon Hand, as a live band and it important for us to perform our art in the

wonderful Here-and-Now Frontier of a live audience.’’

Your top six albums of all time?'

Six? Let’s say: Manilla Road "Mystification",

King Diamond "Conspiracy",

Celtic Frost "Morbid Tales",

Bathory "Hammerheart",

Darkthrone "Transylvanian Hunger",

Emperor "in the Nightside Eclipse",

Summoning "Dol Guldur" That's Seven! ...

Bandcamp: Instagram: @order_of_the_ebon_hand Facebook: Management & Booking : L'Alchimie Agency Satanath Records Website:

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