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NEPTHISIS - ''It is my connection to myself and to others''

''The haunting ethereal nature of NEPTHISIS’ music resonates from myself and the producer, as a result of our joint essences, energies, and beloved influences. However, it is the storyline that dictates the lyrics, and through it, the ‘character’ can be born. A ‘character’ who does command a performance to a certain extent, as well. Though when taking on such a ‘character’ in the recording process, their desires and personality come forward and play in the mix, alongside of the producer and my natural energies and presences. The result is a unique and authentic mix, and way of sharing the character’s story and our own, together.

Sheila Eden is Nepthisis. The Lady of Veils and Goddess of Mourning set to a pulsing heartbeat that draws upon darkwave, gothic, opera and industrial as a mere base for incredible vocal performances. Part horror part seductive ambience, it is a musical project that is unbound by genres and creates rich cinematic soundscapes inspired by dreams and passion.

‘’NEPTHISIS began a few years ago, as an avant-garde, experimental, and artistic musical project, where it was possible to tap into progressive sounds that are oftentimes deemed unacceptable in mainstream. The inspiration for NEPTHISIS comes from twin Egyptian goddess sisters, Nephthys and Isis, who can be jointly referred to as the ‘goddess of mourning’ in various forms. When this musical journey began, it was clear that we needed a foundation, invoking the darkness and duality that lives within us all. We used the inspiration-invoking name NEPTHISIS, as a grounding reminder of the dark sound qualities, lyrical themes including grief, pain, and shadowside, and finally the artistic

musicality’s we longed to encompass and expand into.

Is your new single “A devil inside’’ a metaphor for the temptation within all of us?

‘’NEPTHISIS’ new single “A Devil Inside” does indeed speak to a metaphor surrounding temptation and darkness within the self. It is also somewhat literal, as it was written for film and television, for a main fictional ‘character’ that appears sweet and innocent, but little do we know their capacity for evil, or pain.

Do we need to embrace the darkness inherent in all of us to reach our full potential?

‘’Knowing the darkness inside ourselves, truly allows us to fully embrace light. By feeling into the depths, instead of running from them, it is more possible to stay present in our human existence. “ADevil Inside” is meant to be a track that encourages you to welcome the darkness and be inquisitive of it. By learning all sides of yourself, it can be a path to feel more integrated, whole, and strong. It does not suggest indulging in dark compulsions, but more to sit with, acknowledge them, understand them, instead of rejecting them and pushing them away - where they may rear their heads and misbehave.

It is almost like a seductive nightmare. Where you know you want to but ....

There is definitely an element of spooky sensuality from the dark feminine, in many of the musical works that we create.

Musically it’s a combination of your cinematic work and more personal influences?

‘’Musically, it is a combination of cinematic work and personal influences tossed in. “A Devil Inside” is. keenly suited to the structure of ‘trailerized’ music, or music built to be heard in a movie or tv show. trailer. However, the stylization and lyrical patterning, melody, and instrumental are all specific to the personalized influences of myself and the producer. This song’s sister track “In the Shadows” recently promoted the feature film “Bones and All” with Timothy Chalamet in the festival circuit. In that song as well, you can hear the trailerization, mixed with beloved music influences and personalization. In terms of gothic and darkwave aesthetic and how much that influences NEPTHISIS, it is built into.what we do as a layer and texture, even if it seems more subdued. Look at the synths and particular syncopations, and those may be some telltale signs.

The importance of creating visually inspiring music?

The importance of creating a visually inspiring piece of music is pertinent. I must see visuals, and know deep in my bones that this song has a story built in, and will speak to listeners - as pictures in their minds at very least. NEPTHISIS’ music is intended to be pairable to particular scenes in media, but those scenes can stand for relevant occurrences in most of our lives. In general, it speaks to the universal experience of humanhood and patterns, pain, and struggle.

Your connection to nature and the feminine? Is Moon Blood a representation of this?

’Moon Blood does represent a connection to nature and the dark feminine. In this song, we used me.newly learned ScreamO vocals to take a leading role for the first time, to enhance darkness, power, and grit. Also, the song tells the story of dark goddess Medusa, and the feminine sacred historical. practice of bleeding with the moon.

Is Take my Reign the sweetest revenge?

‘’Take My Reign is all about revenge and rising up from being the underdog to claim one’s power. It is.about letting a former version of oneself die in order to be reborn as a Queen.

Should we embrace our primal desires?

‘’I would say do not ignore desires or feelings but have an internal conversation and introspection with your desires in order to determine what it is they ‘seek.’ We all have them, as we are human. The primal needs have not been bred-out from mankind. Instead of placing judgement, come to make friends with your needs and feelings, and accept that they exist. Primal desires can be based around what we feel is lacking on a deeper level in a basic way. As a result of the self-inquiry, it’s easier to understand the feeling, and find a healthy way of achieving the same feeling - in a non-harmful way.

The range of influences for both your cinematic and personal work.

‘’There is in fact a huge range of influences for NEPTHISIS, but what brought about this music was a ‘safe space’ to be exactly as we are as artists and musicians. Not forcing us to change, or mold to an outside expectation. It is about bringing we, all of ourselves, to the table and making. Exactly what we want. To keep learning, growing, and experimenting.

The inherent passion you have for music. Is it irreplaceable?

‘’Music is an element of my life that I cannot live without. It is my space to be completely me, it to process my feelings, and know who I am. To deal with my emotions and desires, and justcreate. It is my connection to myself and to others. It is my own unique language, and method oftelling my stories, it is my legacy, it is my soul.

What is next for you creatively?

‘’Up next for NEPTHISIS creatively, we will be releasing our single ‘Shadow Side’ produced by CJ Teffner on August 30th for the blue moon. We are working on getting out a lot more cinematic and rock tracks over the next year and pitching them alongside our agencies to television and film. We also have a hidden ambition to perform.

Top 6 albums of all time?

1) Mazzy Star - “So Tonight That I Might See”

2) The Beatles - “Revolver”

3) Massive Attack - Mezzanine

4) Nirvana - “Nevermind”

5) Metallica “Master of Puppets”

6) Pink Floyd - “Dark Side of the Moon”





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