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Mystfall - ''Music for me is life''

What brought together the idea to create the vision Of Mystfall?

Marialena Trikoglou ( vocals) ‘’Well firstly thank you so much for having me here. It`s a pleasure. As far as I can tremember my self I always had the same passion in my life which is music. The other dream of mine was always to sing with huge bands my favourite kind of music. So after many participations in many bands , my solo debut album and after some live appearences we decided that it was the time for us to be officially a band and to write our own music, something that I wanted to do for a long time.

What drew you originally to the gothic /symphonic style?

Since I was a child I remember myself differend, I was always embodying myself in the singers that I was in love with, so I had huge expectations of myself always. I was also in love with painting, photography, poetry and dark fashion and I had many influences from all of these in my own music. I am also a huge fan of London and I could say that in my very first travels there I got to know the gothic coulture in every single corner of the city.

How does it differ from your other projects ?

I could say that Celestial Vision is depicting exactly who I am . It`s something that I feel like my own child cause I really put an efford for every single detail on it. I am a singer so it was always difficult for me to create a song , so I always was singing other people songs. That`s different cause I had a big participation in the album and that`s something that made us all to feel it like a part of us. So we have big expectations from that.

Your debut album Celestial Vision? and the first single, what more can we expect ?

We are in the very beginning!!! There are many more to come. After the release of the album and the second music video which is on the way, we have already booked our first live in August in Greece with Rotting Christ and we are certainly going to play in some festivals at winter. For sure it`s going to be releashed a second album too, but for now we are focusing on this one!!

Your extraordinary Soprano vocals!

‘’Thank you so much for your copliment I appreciate it a lot! Yes at the age of 19 I took the decision to go to study classic music. It took me eight years but it was always a dream of mine so I never gave up. Well I don`t know if there`s an answer for that. I was singing since I can remember myself. When I realized that I could hit very high notes I just started to search for a good vocal coach at the age of 16 as far as I can remember, And after some years I decided that I had to study in a conservatory so here I am!

‘’I have a 3,5 octaves vocal range. For me practicing everyday it`s not the best thing cause sometimes I have the need to relax my voice compelitely. The ideal for me is 5 times a week about 20 minutes. You don`t want to hurt your voice in any case and I am also a Vocal coach so I am using my voice every day. So you need to have a ballance at it. I am also finding time to relax and to do breathing excercises it helps really a lot. Being all the time on a piano helps the inspiration for sure. But for me inspiration is everywhere, you can also find it in a walk at the sea.

What drew you to the heavier side of music?

‘’Let`s begin with the fact that the first band that made me want to study clasical music was Nightwish. I always had the belief that the symphonic metal scene does nothing to be jelous of classical music. Every single person who can compose that kind of music has studies and degrees in his hands and after that he is free to choose what makes him happy to play. So I enjoy hitting those high notes and still get the strength of metal music, cause it`s a compination of many wonderful things and not only a heavy sound.

The importance of having melody in your music to create a sense of drama and power?

‘’As a soprano I used to have all the dramatic roles in opera so as you can see drama is in my nature. I can not sing something that I don`t feel. I create the melody in the songs like that. I also see what feeling am I getting from each song and composition to write the lyrics and the melody that suits it. Some songs need more feeling some others more power, you got to feel them like a part of yours to see how you will express your self in every version.

Should music represent all the colours and shades of life?

‘’If you ask me, I don’t know what could be a life without music. Music is everywhere. You can sense it without hearing it. It`s within you. Every single thing has it`s melody, every pain, every celebration, you only have to sense it and let your feelings free. Embrace it. Music for me is life. The way we talk the way we move, the way we need to express our self. No music shouldn`t or mustn`t represend anything, you can not force something to happen if you know what I mean. It`s only what music means for each one of us.

The juxtaposition between darkness and light?

‘’Where is darkness there`s also light. You need both in your life to create feelings in music. I personally love darkness but I always try to find the hidden light within it, is the only way for me to understant and to embrace my self and my own feelings, something that I try to give to my own music. Everyone needs to understand his darkness to find his own light and same goes to music. Music for me includes everything, every single emotion and for that reason they are two important things that are truly needed.

How does classical literature influence you or do more current events play an important role as on Moral Compass?

‘’Moral Compass for me represents the society where we are passing every single day of our lifes. The lies that we have to live with every day and our inner anger and dispute of what we can do to change things . Ofcourse that`s something that you can find both on literature, poems and in every single part of art depicting in different ways. Literature always was helping me to understand my innerself and sometimes to search for more answers in many of my questions. The way that I use it to represent my music and lyrics is more allegorical. That`s because for me every single person has to make his mind work to undestand something and the success for me is my lyrics to make him question things.

What is Resisting Heaven ?

‘’As I already answered in the previous question all of my lyrics and also titles are allegorical. The concept of the album has to do with the essence of excistance. The answers that we are trying to find to the question why we are here. It`s depicting all the efforts that we are trying to do to undestand everyrithing around us and also our selves. That was behind the idea of the name of our intro Resisting heaven. Since we get the anwers that we are destined to , we are going to dispute everything but not always in a bad way but in the way of learning.

The evolution of Mystfall and your own plans ?

‘’Well let’s begin with the word evolution. For sure we are full of plans and thing that we want to achieve, but still only our audience and people who believes in our vision are going to make this word worth. We are very proud to collaborate with Scarlet Records since I believe that`s a full promising record label that I trust. Our album is going to be released at 21 th of July and that`s only the begining. We have already booked our first festival for the summer and we are discussing for more at Winter. My own plans right now are identified with the efford that I am putting in my band, cause for me is what I believe that I am destined to do so I am really focusing on it.

14.Top 6 albums of all time?

1. Once – Nightwish

2. The Quantum Enigma – Epica

3. Battlecry – Two steps from hell

4. The book of secrets – Loreena Mc Kennitt

5. Awaking the centuries – Haggard

6. Still life - Opeth

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