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Mortourial Eclipse - ‘’Extreme music is pure, goes straight to the point.''

NEFASS (Vocal and Guitar, founder member) ‘’Back in early 2007 the band had already composed a few songs and was ready to perform live but the name was not defined yet... Some gigs and tours on the door were pushing and after a brain storm we came across a few options and finally decanted on Mortuorial Eclipse, it was very graphic and iconic.. ‘’

Graphic is just one term to Describe Mortuorial eclipse. This Argentinian act have been perfecting their brand of Extreme Black/Death Metal for over 14 years . This is a extreme toughened sound that is heavy and powerful, with strong classical elements as evident on their recently released video ‘’The Arcane Legacy of Astral Numina" off their last album "Urushdaur"

‘’Yes, even URUSHDAUR was released some years ago, the production of this song music video was postponed by many factors such as line up changes and the pandemic restrictions , but finally we managed to produce it and close a circle, now the team can focus on new material breeding!

What is the Arcane Legacy and the False Messiah?

- In our lyrics you´ll find a lot of quotes evoking ancient wisdom and proclaiming the downfall of the dogmatic Judeo-Christian culture we are immersed in. This part of a manifest enhances the music concept and a very strong element in URUSHDAUR.

‘’After the release of "The Aethyrs´ Call" we had the feeling that we could carry this musical concept a step further , "URUSHDAUR" is the result of a long process working on a strong symphonic element as the main component of the album. New material is not in the same line, the band is already in the pre-production of several singles to be released during the year in a more experimental direction and bringing some raw essence from the early days.

‘’In our lyrics you´ll find a lot of quotes evoking ancient wisdom and proclaiming the downfall of the dogmatic Judeo-Christian culture we are immersed in. This part of a manifest enhances the music concept and a very strong element in URUSHDAUR.

Urushdaur was influenced by lost cultures and ancient wisdom. Will exploring this continue?

‘’Definitely, even we can not say new material will be "Conceptual" ; these elements are always present. The more we dig the more we find and it's a giant source of inspiration.

What can we learn from them in age of mass consumerism and #me first?

‘’Everyone would find different things to take and this is the main goal, but the connection with nature , mind and spirit are something really forgotten that we can rescue from ancient knowledge and traditions.

Being labelled Symphonic Black Metal?

‘’I think labels are very helpful for fans or media but at the moment of creation it's something we don't take into consideration. Our music proposal was born with a symphonic element and perhaps it was a stigma we carried on in a music genre that sometimes is a bit closed , but during the years we made our own way and there is more to take from there.

Combining the orchestral with the metal?

‘’First album was almost composed when keyboard player got in the band back in 2010 so for TAC orchestra was in general arrangements , but for URUSHDAUR the concept was different , orchestra was considered like the main element during the composing process in many tracks and we are very satisfied with the result, it was a challenging work to create guitar riffs and drum patterns, and vocals starting from strings or orquestal elements.

‘’Extreme music is pure, goes straight to the point. Using confrontation as a road to drive the most variable feelings and ideologies . Metal is also a platform to combine and manifest different kinds of art and music genres. Some styles perished since 2007 and some new appeared but the main columns like Death/Black/Thrash/Doom stand solid and growing every day worldwide.

What influences Mortuorial Eclipse? Books , religion, art , film ?

‘’Stand away from religions, Opium for ignorant and weakened masses ! "The Morning of the Magicians" is the first one in mind when touring time comes, but Lovecraftian literature or horror classics are basics since very young. There is also a strong influence of Nietzsche's writings on the lyrics.

Thanks to the amazing OST, "Gladiator" is definitely on my list along with Tim´s Batman and Hereditary (also unique scores). Giger is my favorite artist and mixed media masters like Matt Lombard and Seth Siro Anton are brutally inspiring as well , at the point that URUSHDAUR´s cover (created by Matt Lombard) was defined before the record was finished and I felt strongly influenced by it.

‘’Personally, inspiration comes from many situations and experiences not only from art , but I feel that 90´ and 00´ Scandinavian Metal bands left a strong mark on our musical identity. Classical and Ethnic music always were part of my days and Scores also contributed to the concept we developed in ME.

The extreme metal scene in Argentina ? is it big , does it allow you to travel and play your music to a large audience ?

‘’Definitely Not , Extreme music in Latin America is very far from a sustainable situation. It was not before the COVID situation and the future is not clear at all. Lots of clubs closed, many bands dissolved ,almost no promoters left and festivals are a distant memory. Culture, in general, is at critical risk.

Extreme Metal scene here has shattering exponents! and even it's not a popular music genre the quality and originality in the bands keep growing,

What should we be reading to better understand the band ?

‘’If you need to read something to understand a band there is something wrong... Interpretation of our proposal must be different according to each one. I think this is one of the most interesting aspects about music and especially metal. Explaining lyrics , for example, sometimes kills the magic of tracks in my vision .

Plans for the future ?

‘’Due to the pandemic restrictions we were forced to cancel several gigs in our country and an international tour in Europe and Russia planned for July/August 2020, once situation allows it we will reprogram it and go back to the road.

Regarding music we are now producing a couple of new singles that will be released by the end of 2021, keep tuned!

Top 6 albums of all time

- Without any particular order "today" I can list :

The Apostasy (Behemoth)

Hatebreeder (COB),

Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (DB)

Ghost Reveries(Opeth)

Clayman (In Flames)

Communion (Septic Flesh)

From Mars to Sirius (Gojira). Only 6 is too difficult...

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