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Mongrels Cross - ''Once the riff is conjured the incantation will follow!''

‘'Greetings Coroner's Report readers, Grand Mongrel here. Well a lot has changed in regards to our sound and direction and I think our new sound has evolved to what we term Arcane Heavy Metal. There is a lot more focus on traditional metal aspects but we will never leave behind the black and death influences. We also now incorporate synth parts as an extra layer which help pronounce the Arcane energy. ‘’

The New album Arcana, Scrying and Revelation

‘’We have put live shows on hold and now that Goet Euryn and I are a two piece writing team we actually churn out songs and riffs rather quickly as we don't have to worry about getting ready for gigs. We had the songs put together fairly quickly but what took time was the recording process, mixing and mastering etc as well as artwork and of course we enlisted Proscriptor on vocals so we had to work with him from afar. ‘’

Does the riff come first ?

‘’The riff ALWAYS. Music is magick so once the riff is conjured the incantation will follow! We play guitar on a daily basis so riff writing is always a constant in the Mongrel's camp. ‘’

The central them of Arcana, Scrying and Revelation ?

‘’Yes and it is namely Myth and Magick.

is an album steeped in Magik. Is this through research and/ or practical?

‘’Research and practical application. I have been intrigued by esoteric beliefs since I was a child and as I have grown older the desire to turn that fascination in to something tangible has become a lot stronger. You'll note A Magician's Prayer outlines the practitioners daily exaltation and recognition of the great energies.

What is the Fate of the Grail?

‘’It is believed by some that a grail bloodline exists and its carriers are practitioners of the highest Magick we know. They were hunted all through history and so the fate of the grail documents their plight.

Your latest addition Postcriptor McGovern on vocals? And was it hard to find a like minded soul?

‘’It was and wasn't. We knew we wanted someone else on vocals and sat down and tried to think who would be a good fit. I had contact with Equitant and we thought it might be a long shot but let's see if we can get Proscriptor the songs and see if he's interested. (We knew the power of Arcana would resonate with the right candidate but the issue was getting it in that persons hands)

‘’Of course Proscriptor really liked what we sent him and he was on board right away. He's very like minded and draws from a lot of the same influences we do so it works perfectly.

What is the biggest revelation you have had since you discovered metal?

‘’Well I always loved horror and fantasy so when I was shown the more extreme side of metal that incorporated these things in to their content that really appealed to me.

What is true metal and why has it taken so long for everybody to discover it?

‘’I think it's different for each genre of metal but those who have been around and get it will know what's true and what isn't.

So I'll give an example. I think there are many answers depending on the genre. For black metal for example I think it's occult based and any politics or earthly matters don't belong in it. ‘’

What is not metal ?

‘’Anything not heavy and riffy. Metal must have riffs. Ahhh other things not metal are Converse and Vans sneakers.

Your strangest influence and the weirdest album in your collection?

‘’Haha I don't really have anything strange in my collection. Maybe something like Diamanda Galas.

The best book we haven't read and why?

‘’12 steps to enlightenment by Israel Regardie. It serves as a great platform for those wishing to launch their magical career!

Your top 6 albums of all time. ...

In no order.

1. The Shadowthrone and Nemesis Divina.

2. Nachthymnen- The Twilight Kingdom

3. Metallica- Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets

4. Mercyful Fate- Don't Break the Oath

5. Bathory- Under the Sign of the Black Mark

6. Morbid Angel- Altars of Madness

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