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Mia W Wallace - Niryth, Nervosa and Strength!

It was 1994, my boyfriend at that time (M. - R.I.P) was playing bass in his death metal band “Emortualis”. I was always attending their rehearsals and then I decided that I would have liked to learn to play that amazing instrument. He taught me how to play it using his white Fender Jazz 4 string bass. From that moment I fell in love with that instrument.

Mia W Wallace is an enigma and an icon in extreme metal that has had a love for music that stems from her childhood ”I grew up with music, in my house when I was a little girl there was always music everywhere. Then, I knew M. In 1994 and he was listening to Black Metal. He introduced me into this new style and I got bewitched by it.

“I co-founded the band “The True Endless” in November 1994 with M., a black metal project with many influences (Hellhammer, Mayhem) that lasted for more than 20 years. - After M.’s death (2017) me and my best friend Alessandro (who played drums in the last line up) decided to end the project as a form of respect for him. “

However, the Italian firebrand’s passion for music was not shared by her family “No, my family never supported me in my musical career, I still suffer for this lack of interest from them… “

A Vast and varied musical career however draws from a wealth of influence and inspiration.

“It really depends. With black metal there are many influences like Immortal, Mayhem, Emperor…all major bands that during the ’90 influenced most of metalheads with an ear for high frequencies and super speed drums like this genre is. Quacky voices and face painting were the super addiction then. But honestly I cannot say that black metal influenced my style of playing, with Kirlian Camera for example I am influenced by the Wave – synth pop music from late’80- ’90 and with Niryth, my own project, my influences are many, from Type O Negative to Pink Floyd.”

Art and literature also inspire, “I grew up with art and literature. My mum is a writer and she always surrounded me with books. I always liked art in every form. “

“Honestly I have no limits about genres. I like good music, so whatever sounds good to my ear it’s ok. How would you describe yourself - I consider myself a stubborn dreamer, who never stops to believe in good things to come. I’m not good in describing myself, but what I know for sure is that I deeply believe in true friendship, loyalty and passion. What I really hate is dishonesty, abuse of power and revenge. I really believe in the “live and let live”.

Mia is most noted lately for her work with Abbath on 2019s excellent Oustrider release, a highlight and ultimately a disappointment.

“King Ov Hell left Abbath in 2018, then the place of bassist was available. Abbath knew about my 20 years career in Black Metal music and he was searching for a strong image on stage. Then I had an audition in Bergen and it went good! I really had the best times with Olve and his family, his lovely wife, his amazing son Torbjorn and my best friend Merete (she is my heart and she always supported me on many levels). I have to be honest, there’s no disappointment with Abbath. My main sadness is about how the music industry at that time worked, how some people took advantage over a difficult moment. But the bond between me and Abbath is still strong and nobody will be able to destroy it. “

And Triumph Of Death ….

“This is a completely different story I don’t wish to talk about. I will only say that I’m grateful to have had the chance to play with this band for almost a year. I learned a lot of things and I played on many famous stages all over the world. I wish all the best to all the members for the future. “

There is also her work with the legendary Kirlian Camera, “Kirlian Camera is my family. They welcomed me with open arms in 2017. I was substituting momentarily the bassist Alessandro Comerio at that time because of scheduling conflict with his other band Forgotten Tomb. I felt an incredibly strong chemistry from the very first time with Elena Alice Fossi and Angelo Bergamini, and the first time I came on stage with them it has been one of the most intense emotional moments ever. I worship their music and their attitude, they are strong and loyal. They also helped me during the worst moments I have been through last months, due to what happened in my life (privately and musically). I will always be thankful for this, and I’m honoured to be part of the official line up of Kirlian Camera and to have been asked to play bass on their new upcoming album!”

And Mia has just joined the legendary all female Nervosa as Well. “Yes! I was in lockdown here in Italy due to the Covid-19 pandemic when I read about Fernanda Lira and Luana Dametto left Nervosa. I felt so sorry because I’ve always thought it was a kickass band!! I also felt sorry for the great Prika Amaral, I was wondering what would have happened to this amazing Brazilian band. Then, I was working on some of the new songs for my project Niryth when I received an email from Prika. She asked me if I was interested in an audition for Nervosa. Of course I was!!!! Then we did the audition and it went good. I’ve been asked to play some songs as Kill the Silence and Prika decided I would have been part of the rising new Nervosa. Now we are ready to kick asses all over the world!”

Any projects we may have missed? “I would like to mention my project Niryth. Is close to coming out. I am extremely happy and excited about it, I’m actually working with some great musicians from many countries, but I cannot say too much because it will be a huge surprise!

Is her favourite musical passion live or making the perfect recording? “Both. But I have to be honest, playing live really unleash all my conflicts, frustrations and pain. I really feel in another dimension and this is better that every medicine ever! “

“I like to play everywhere but the most intense moments I had were when I toured with Abbath in South America. Fans are so warm and they are giving a lot of energy!!! “

Mia’s message is of strength and empowerment. One that is very important.” Yes. I experienced many traumatic moments in my life and I learned that the only way to survive is to be strong, believe in yourself in spite of what people think of you. If you believe in yourself and look around you, you will be able to see that there is always a reason to fight for being alive…”

“My plans for the future are to go on with music in a free and harmonic way. I got rid of all the toxic people in my life so now I can enjoy life and all the fantastic people around me”

The top 6 albums of all time…

Pink Floyd: The Dark side of the Moon

Type O Negative: October Rust

Immortal: At the Heart of Winter

I: Between Two Worlds

Kirlian Camera: Nightglory

Abbath: Outstrider

And because we could let a legend escape without asking, have you had a $5 shake?

“I don’t know if it’s worth five dollars, but it’s pretty fucking good!”

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