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Los Males del Mundo- Descent Towards Death.....

Los Males Del Mundo and their album Descent Towards to Death is the culmination of a partnership that began in 2016 from Dany Tee ( Vocals/Drums) and Cristian Yans (Guitars)and from a friendship that dates 10 years earlier. Their debut full length is a stunning, deeply personal juggernaut that combines the fury of Black Metal with many other elements. This Argentinian duo have created a masterpiece rooted deep in emotion and honesty that delves deep into the psyche of man. A band that literally translates to From the Evils of the World

Dany: ‘’We came to that name as an idea that emerges from the concept behind the lyrics. We were always very focused on the musical creative process, and we still didn't have a name for the band until we were almost to finish the recordings. The name came out from a chat with a friend who was helping us with the translations of the lyrics, he mentioned that the album seems to describe the grief, the sickness, all the things that are twisted and wrong in the world, so that's when the name comes out like "Los Males Del Mundo".

‘’The purpose of the band, if there was one, would be to move the listener to feel something, to think, to be carried away by the music, the lyrics, the visual concept of the album and everything related to this work. We believe that music and art in general should move the listener to escape rational boundaries and let them be carried away as an introspective journey.

Descent Towards Death. Is purposeful in its intent and album that took time to compose

D:’’ It took us a couple of years to compose it, because we always modified the tracks over and over again, looking for what we believed was the best variation of all the possible permutations. A cyclical way of composing. It was like a Möbius strip process as a seemingly endless loop that modifies itself in each turn of the full circle. First we create the music, the melody, then we experiment with the different rhythm patterns, then I start to write the lyrics and to make the vocal sketches. Sometimes we are not 100% sure of the final result, so we go back and change something and we start all over, only then we go deeper into details. That's basically the songwriting process.

‘’We know it's not the fastest one, but it's the one we feel as the best for this project, because after all that strenuous process, the resulting music is all connected, since lyrics, vocals, music are creating each other during the whole cycle.

Cristian:’’ On this album we let ourselves be carried by our influences, where we try to combine musically everything we like, for example, the melodic black metal of the late 90s, fast and aggressive, as well as the more modern BM, dark and dissonant, also influences of doom metal and classic heavy metal can be heard on this album. But with no doubt this is a Black Metal album.

Los Males del Mundo let their music inspire the creative process

C: ’’We always try to compose the music first and listen to what it tells us. Although the theme behind the music has been there since before, it is the music that leads the way to the lyrics.

‘’Although the brutal sound was always something that caught our attention, our interest was rather inclined to the aggressive but melodic and emotional. For this reason, among extreme music, black metal is the one that has influenced us due to its powerful emotional commitment, sadness, anguish, melancholy but at the same time aggressiveness and rawness.

The silent agony. There's so much to say and yet no words for it. Words are not good enough. Is that a life without meaning?

D:’’ The attribution to the meaning of life is the desperate attempt to give a sense to our passage through this world. It is perhaps what alleviates the anguish towards the unknown’’

It's almost in opposition to your fantastic album cover where the person's mouth is Forcibly held open being made speak?

D: ‘’Matt Lombard's art has given us the opportunity to express in an image much of what the album contains within. That image awakens the most varied and intricate paradoxes that, when you explain it, may lose its metaphorical essence. We believe that the fact that they are an invitation to question and reflect on ourselves contributes more than our attempt to say something about that.’’

Must we express ourselves even if it is in opposition to the accepted norm?

D: ‘’We believe that everyone should express themselves if they really have something to say, either for or against any norm. It will be up to each one to be able to accept it even when it contradicts their own thoughts and beliefs.

Emil Cioran is an influence and his most famous quote "It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late." How does this influence your songwriting?

D:’’ Cioran is very interesting since he developed ideas that even cause despair you cannot but agree with some of his postulates.

‘’I think that his hopelessness generates something else, a possibility behind what is manifested as grief. He has mentioned that at a certain age his ideas were changing although he maintains the same line of thought. And I think that is fascinating since you can go through his texts and articulate them with many other philosophers but at the same time with writers who without pretending to philosophize, have described the human soul in an amazing way.

Los Males del Munod lyrics indicate some well read sources including Nietzshe and others .

D: ‘’My interest in philosophy began when I was very young, at the age of 11 approx, even though at that time those readings generated me more questions than answers, I still feel pretty much the same way nowadays. I was always very curious about philosophy and it was one of the careers I had in mind to study, but I chose Psychology instead (I currently work as a Clinical Psychologist)

‘’So, I think human behavior and its mysteries have always fascinated me, and perhaps for that reason, they are the topics I feel more interesting when I'm writing, that's why I try not to focus only on one author but on ideas of several, who drive me to write.''

At times it seems modern culture has forgotten it's education and has become obsessed with instant gratification rather than deeper thought?

D:’’ Like all cultural moments we live in constant change, something that has always happened, but changes are currently taking place faster than before. Technological advances and globalization have effects on all of us, it’s like everything needs to be solved quickly and nothing seems to be worth the effort, as if something takes time then it's not worth trying. But it is what it is.

''It is not a favorable time for an album that requires time and dedication to be fully appreciated.

''But there are those who still take the time to get into music and art in all its forms. They are out there, but, even though they seem to be only a few, we would like to believe that they are more than what we think. ‘’

D:’’ I think we try to move the listener to feel something, to think, to get carried away by the music, the lyrics, the visual concept behind the album and everything related to this work. We believe that music and art in general should move others to escape rational boundaries, that is why we use different literary ideas, philosophical concepts from different authors, thinkers or other artists that also influence our work.’’

C:’’ I think extreme music has an authenticity not very common in other genres. Although we also listen to a lot of different music, it depends on our mood or moment that we are going through. However, extreme music and its variants are a great channel that helps us to work on many of the things we feel and it allows us to express it like no other genre.’’

It is said we lie everyday. Have we forgotten to be honest even with ourselves?

D:’’ Definitely, but not as matter of our will but as the result of being submitted to the language, that does not allow us to think outside of it, since as symbolic beings we find ourselves unable to express more than that which can only be articulated in words, there is no possibility of express what cannot be named, and in its articulation there will always be something left out, as the remainder of an arithmetic operation that asymptotically will never touch what it refers to.’’

The band's that influence and inspire you?

C: Is a very difficult question since as music is very important to us, we spend pretty much of the day listening to music and it has been that way since we were kids, with which I must mention the classic Rock and Hard Rock bands of the 70s, Punk, Crossover Thrash, Extreme metal and, of course, classical and folk music.

The biggest misconception about being from Argentina?

D: ‘’That we all love our country

Plans for the future?

C: ‘’Dany and I have another project that we are working on, and we hope to have it ready by the end of this year, and then, in 2022, we'll be back in the studio to start recording a new album for LMDM.

Top 6 albums of all time. ..

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