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Leaves' Eyes - ''It’s the most versatile album that I have recorded vocally so far''

Elina Siirala and her commanding vocals drive the new Leaves ‘album “Myths Of Fate” . It is a record that furthers their commanding reputation that began in 2003. Their symphonic power is used to tell exciting stories that incorporate the legends from Norse and Eastern European mythology and a fresh beginning from the conclusion of their Viking trilogy.


‘’The new album Myths of Fate is the start of a new Era?

‘’Yeah, yeah. Basically its Alex comes up with the concepts for the albums and this time we thought it would be great to do a little more mystical And magical topics and go in that direction, So (whereas) The last Viking  was more of a concept album it was obviously  about King Harald III, called Hardrada, it was a historical person and it was about more of his battles.  So, this one is a bit more magical, mystical with things and objects and all kinds of crazy stories.’’

And the videos that have been made to support it are part of the whole album experience?

“’Yeah Absolutely! I mean it was a privilege to make so many videos and so far, we have three out and the fourth soon and they are all different and it kind of shows the variety of the album and all the amazing stories that were created perfectly as videos.  It was really great to film them.’’

The variety of vocals styles on this album and how you were able to contribute lyrically to Myths of Fate?

‘’Well for me there was one song that was originally written by me which is Into Eternity, that also the text is from me. But the other ones are Alex and his writing. For me, this time it was really a different feeling to go into the recordings of this album. I’d gone through quite a turmoil let’s say in the last few years and the place I’m now long story short is that I feel much better vocally and I knew already that I was able to give much more to this album vocally, and then of course together with Alex we were able to push the boundaries and finding what fits for each song and I was also showing him well ok I can sing it like this or singing it like that and what fits best for the text and the melody of the song . for me it’s the most versatile album that I have recorded vocally so far. I’m really happy about.

It’s your best moment possibly?

‘’It’s definitely the most versatile. I felt a different kind of confidence. It’s always the song as a singer or artist that you always keep evolving and you’re in a different place for all the albums I’ve been in. It’s just that felt a bit different this time and I felt like I could really give what I wanted to give to give. For me it starts with myself and I’m happy with what I’m doing, and you hope that it portrays the story to the audience.

The creation of Into Eternity

‘’it’s a little bit of a sad story because it was Alex’s Mums funeral of 2022. It was a very devastating time, and I was at the funeral, and I was singing there, and I came home and amidst the feelings I sat down and I wrote this song. And then of course it was arranged by the band like everything else, it’s a co-operation still , of course originally the melody and everything was written by me and the text is a tribute to our ancestors and wondering what it would be like if I was to see the people who are left.  I met Alex’s mother many times and wondered how she is feeling? How are we feeling? It’s a dialogue that’s everything is ok in way and wondering what’s in eternity. What is it actually? When you go and you enter the other side

What do you think eternity is?

‘’For me I think through the song its about peace about not being afraid and things like that. Of course, it’s the unknown, when no one knows, that’s why it’s fascinating to people, it’s the unanswered questions that fascinate people. I don’t think anyone can really answer that question. But for me when I was contemplating that in the song and knowing the attitude that she had, that she was so at peace with it all and it just gave me very warm feelings.

The different textures and themes on the new album. What can we learn from history and myths?

The Emphasis of the album is just a case of having so many things to write about. It will never stop. There are always things to learn and especially individual journeys with whatever we go through we always learn. Whether it’s felt like a good thing or a devastating thing or whatever we feel at the time it always brings you forward somewhere else.

And still be metal. Will you always be involved in metal?

My roots are absolutely not in metal at all. I am classically trained originally also grew up in a classical family full of musicians that was my world, and I was also performing opera on stage and I still enjoy playing classical music and performing concerts and it is surprising close to metal with all this power and theatrical elements and they mesh together really well actually, and that’s probably why I feel in love with rock and metal music When I was expose to it. It was just a kind of bizarre journey for me. I don’t really label myself only an Opera singer or only a Metal Singer. I just like to sing and use my voice and the way it fits and to tell these stories and love writing music also. I m just a singer I would say.

I was always singing. My mother would tell me I would be singing outside on the front steps very loudly for hours and I remember my earliest memories were sitting in my grandma’s lap and singing where she was playing piano. I always sang we were just that kind of family, we were very musical in that sense. I started taking lessons when I was seventeen I think, just to find to see if it would be nice to have a little bit of training and see how it feels and it just snowballed, It was never really a decision for me “’Oh I want to be singer” it just kind of happened and music is something I have always loved a lot. I’m very very happy and very lucky I get to do what I love.

Leaves'Eyes Live

‘’Live especially for this band is really what we love doing with the energy of the stage and the songs take you into this other world away from your worries and it’s always great to play live.  I love singing many of the songs. I think I always mention Edge of Steel, I like the power of the song and performing since the beginning and of course the new songs. It is always nice to have a new repertoire and test it to see how it is going to work. So far, we have played Forged by Fire and Realm of Dark Waves already live and it was really fantastic.

''Some of the comments of the new album is that is very easy to get into. It instantly hits you and thanks to Jonas orchestration it is really like a crazy great package of great songs that still have that variety. The new tour is about a month long now and it will be really nice to be back on the road!’’

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