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Lava Invocator - '' it’s a way of purification of humanity through fire''

Ingvaar (Guitars, Vocals) ‘’ Hi all! Greetings from Ukraine and thank you for the talk! Lava Invocator created in 2015 in Dnipro, Ukraine. The name of the band is a mystery call to a powerful force. The force like lava that breaks out and floods all around.. Lava Invocator play blackened death metal, but the feature of the band is in mixing brutal and uncompromising riffs with atmospheric melodies.

Your new album Signs of the Apocalypse?

“Signs of Apocalypse” was released by Satanath Records and The Ritual Production. It consists of eight aggressive, evil, and melodic tracks. Here you find fast missile strike riffs, machine gun guitars, blasting drums, soul-reaping vocals, and of course deep profound emotional atmosphere.

‘’Is it openly hostile? Absolutely yes. Just take an attentive look at the world we’re living in. Wars, diseases, pandemic, famine. Are these not the Signs? Moreover, here in Ukraine we faced a full-scale invasion, almost 500 days of the War so far. Destruction, pain, suffering, death we see this all with our own eyes every day...

The Aggression and violence in your music

‘’Metal music is violent and energetic. Metal gives the best way to express the deepest emotions, especially it works well in the case of black metal or blackened death. Missile strikes, daily raid alerts and friends’ death. This is a sad reality for us right now. That’s why we tried to convey this to listeners through our music in “Signs of Apocalypse”.

It is also a celebration of Metal and Black metal. ‘’I guess. We aren’t limited to BM frames or something else, especially in a traditional sense of the style. Blackened DM just feet better for us to express ourselves. If we see that “this riff” or “this break” sounds astonishing, then we use it. So, it can be “punkish” or “jazzish,” more DM or “pure” BM riffs. The purpose is to create an individual atmosphere to convey feelings and ideas by the music, to visualize “a story.”

Your look is also openly provocative, is it intentional or just the natural order of things?

‘’I believe that times when somebody could scare or surprise another one with “horns,” “crosses” or “corpse paint” are gone. We don’t do this, don’t have such a goal. However, “Signs of Apocalypse” is full of experiences of real people’s suffering. It includes chronicles and real speeches of the very first days of the invasion. The album is an angry story about destruction and pain, about real death that we are also faced with... It could be provocative and for some reason shocking...

Should all art be extreme?

‘’Art is different. Extreme, soft, provocative, tranquil etc. I believe that art it’s about expressing something from inside: emotions, feelings and ideas. So, it could be various... Art just should be alive.

‘’Are you inspired by the darkness and sickness of history and the continual ignorance of organized religion?

‘’I’m IMPRESSED by the darkness and sickness of HUMANITY. Organized religion is just a part of the sick and self-destructive direction of humankind...

Your music is not for the masses, ‘’Metal is not for the masses as a whole. Especially, when we could compare it for instance with pop music or other mass market stuff. Metal has its own circle of fans; black metal circle is even less. However, we do it because we like it and I’m really happy that this is what our fans like too. It's amazing to get messages and letters that our music touches someone, it means that ideas and the music messages were delivered. That’s amazing!

What is Psycho terror worldwide?

‘’This song was written about the pandemic times. Remember it was some kind of madness. Despite the real disease, the psychopathology effect was very massive and mentally destructive.

‘’Funny, but here in Ukraine we almost forgot about covid when the full-scale invasion began. Although I caught a virus twice in the past 2 years, honestly, it’s a nasty experience. I just would like to say that things largely depend on a point of attention, hence, it’s a basis for manipulations for certain purposes.

Are you proud to be known as a black metal band?

‘’My country is stuck in the problems, at the war... It is extremely difficult to create and promote music at the moment. There are many great bands here, really interesting Ukrainian bands and all are stuck right now due to the events and martial law. Main purpose for us all here is to win the war and stay alive.

‘’Yes, this is cool to be known! We are proud to be known and to be heard, to create. Of course, there are a lot of things to be done and to grow. Hope we will play the victory tour when the war is over.

Plans for the future and new releases. ‘’The point number 1 is to stay alive and meet Victory as soon as possible. Secondly, as we already have 2 full-length albums, so there is a plan to prepare an EP next year. And new lyric videos are coming soon. I invite you all to YouTube channel, would be great to see you all among the subscribers!

Top 6 albums of all time?

Good and rather difficult question :) It’s more than six, ha-ha, but I just would try to name albums that impressed me the most when I was a teenager:

Rainbow “Raising”

Amorphis “Tales.,”

Moonspell “Wolfheart”

“Puritanical..” Dimmu Borgir

Mayhem “Grand Declaration..”

Dissection “Somberlain.”

Btw, I post different metal albums on my YouTube channel, please feel free to find and listen to various music there. And don’t forget to subscribe! ;)

Last but not least, we also would be glad to see you among the followers on our Bandcamp page, All the money from our music we send on humanitarian support in Ukraine. Thanks a lot, If you would like to contribute! Thanks to everyone, listen to metal, hail metal and cheers!


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