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Ieschure - ‘’I think extreme music is immortal,''

Ieschure is the reflection of its Artist Lilita Arndt. Honesty and passion that creates formless shadows that embrace and yet pierce the soul. Steeped in the foundations of extreme music of all varieties it is art without compromise and continual expression and evolution as on the latest release "The Mystic Fields"

‘’I think "The Mystic Fields" is a record with more experimental mood than my previous releases. I do not think that music must make some " progress" or something like this. I like to make releases that differs from each other’s and contain something new in themselves. So I think "The Mystic Fields" is about the experiment made by my clean vocal and raw Black Metal sound.

It is still extreme but incorporates other styles.

‘’All depends on what you mean under the word "extreme". "The Mystic Fields" contains all that was in Ieschure music before: Darkness, Melancholy, Aggression, Symbolism and Occult Themes. But in this EP I used much more clean vocals than it was before and lower guitar sound. I wanted it to sound soft but evil and the same time.

You are quite prolific, does inspiration come easily?

‘’I think my releases are not so numerous. My releases are out rarely, comparing with many other bands and projects.

The themes that represent you?

‘’I think I use different themes, not only classical. I like classical Black Metal albums, but at the same time my music has some new feature in itself that are not typical for Black Metal.

How do you enter the mindset for the brilliant Ghosts of Void and its soundscapes?

‘’I experimented with the sound of keys and used distortion guitar pedal for it. All others was made by my feelings and inspiration.

Ieschure is very intimate and personal, yet also cold and withdrawn?

‘’Yes, maybe such features can be felt through the music of Ieschure.

Do you find the label of Black metal limiting and are proud to be associated with the genre?

‘’Honestly, I don't like themes about some "ideal" or "prestige" label in Black Metal. All is individual and has own positive and negative sides. I like to deal with labels who are honest with musicians and adequate in talks. Such things are very valuable for me.

What drew you to extreme music and why do you think it is still so vital?

‘’I think extreme music is immortal, because it can express feelings that are within everyone in this world. Someone likes and enjoys it, another ones escape this type of music.

‘’I began to listen to metal music as I was a teenager and continue to listen to it during all my life.

Should music be passion and feeling rather than a genre?

‘’I think there is no need to keep genre boundaries as something unbreakable and " holy", because there is no reason to repeat eternally riffs and vocals played many times before you. Anyway, I think a musician have to bring something new in the genre he or she chooses. It helps to bring some new life and some type of variety.

Does being a solo artist give you the complete freedom you need for your music?

‘’Yes, to be a solo artist is the best way of creation for me.

With such diverse tastes, does this make song writing easier or harder?

‘’The hardest part is lyrics writing. Because I have to make it fit to melody and to be meaningful at the same time. It takes much more time than a record of music or vocals.

What musical colours does your art represent in terms of your music?

‘’I think it represents the dark spectrum of life, of course: dark beauty, hate, loneliness, disgust and at the same time love for life and the world.

How do you define darkness, figuratively and literally?

‘’Darkness is that part of human soul, where you can find either the hidden treasures that will bring you strength and bring you on the new level of being or you can find there your degradation and total destruction. Anyone chooses his own road through Darkness. There are no rules.

Is music the best way to represent your ideas and do you feel that it represents the human condition?

Yes, I am sure in this.

Plans for the future.

I plant to release a single "Evil Spirit “and finish my second full length album.

Top 6 albums of all time.

I can tell only about 6 metal albums that influenced me much:

"Filosofem" by Burzum,

"Geist ist Teufel" by Urfaust,

" Rituale Satanum" by Behexen,

" Khronos" by Rotting Christ,

" La Masquerade Infernale" by Arcturus,

"For Lies I Sire" by My Dying Bride.

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