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Idol Of Fear - Trespasser

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Trespasser is not just an excellent experimental extreme record record. It is a superb album that reveals itself further with every listen. Since the release of their debut All Sights Affixed, Ablaze in 2014 Idol Of Fear have explored the depths of heaviness and defied description.

Austin Vocals/Guitars; ''Describing Idol of Fear is something we usually avoid. We feel it’s best to leave people to find the meaning for themselves. The spirit of the band existed long before the music - an occulted voice that has taken form and will be heard. Some will fear, some will turn away in disgust, while others will seek to trespass.

''We always begin an album cycle with fresh visions of where the sound will go, and as we make our way through the process the approach becomes more refined. By the end of the writing process we take what was learned or revealed and extrapolate things further. We are compelled to strive for a vision of excellence that the spirit of Idol demands.

''We haven’t made many waves on the surface in recent years but have always been busy writing and plotting our return. We recorded & mixed everything ourselves so we had the luxury of being able to refine every aspect of the album to our standards. Most of the album was written before the pandemic, but it took some time to reach its final form. We predict a much shorter wait till the next release.

What is a Trespasser?

''Our concepts behind Trespasser are layered and multi-faceted. In the same regard, it is certainly more than just a physical indictment, extending past the soul. It is a remark on spiritual endeavours and the path to madness, but also extends to all life and greater existence. The subject at hand - who is the Trespasser - will always be a matter of perspective.

At times there feels like a presence in your music that feels tangible yet becomes more undefinable the more you search for it

''You speak of the occulted voice, our obscure blessing.

Is it possible for your music to get any heavier?

''Yes. Life only gets darker. We are driven by our own particular and separate insanities. Extreme music is a good tool for releasing potent aggression. There are of course other ways to create something emotionally devouring, but for us Idol of Fear is the perfect vehicle.

The mystery of your music harkens back to an earlier time, when there wasn’t instant information.

That is a good point. When it comes to Idol of Fear we tend to think on grander scales. We live in an age of very little mystery, or at least in a time that has left the masses largely bereft of experiencing great wonder. When approaching our music this emptiness can prove to be either a barrier for those who are numb, or a blissful embrace to those who will seek it out.

Is it a conscious decision to create something immediate and then have the hidden element?

''A bit of both, it isn’t necessarily a conscious decision but a product of boiling an idea down to its purest form and then instilling it with what is required.

''The songs begin usually with guitar and a rough demo. From there everyone adds their own colours. The process can range from from both songs written in an hour to songs written over the course of years.

After three self-releases is it more important to have complete control over your music?

''It is very important to have control. Our decision to self release was not entirely for that reason though. We’ve reached out to labels in the past prior to releasing an album but never receive a response. Recently a well known label approached us wanting to release Trespasser, but had to rescind the offer due to the massive worldwide delay in vinyl production. It hasn’t deterred us, we make this music out of personal necessity anyway.

The idea for CHEIROTONIA and the laying out of hands?

''Without negating the spiritual aspect, it speaks more of the bond between the music, us as creators, and the listener. There are magical elements to art and its genesis that are overlooked if not forgotten.

The lyrical inspiration seems to draw for a lot of rich resources.

''We draw from many different elements, but we find it is also important to stay isolated on our own path for the most part. We are not part of a regional scene so the isolation aspect has always played a part and comes naturally. We have tended to be more influenced by history and the world around us rather than philosophers or other writers.

The idea of “No mouth to speak or scream” from Trespasser? Terror or ..?

Terror is a valid interpretation. What we can say is that sometimes even the shadows seem to be watching you.

The next step for Idol Of Fear ?

We are very excited for what we have in store - you can expect another release in the next year.

Top 6 albums of all time ?

The Devil’s Blood - The Thousandfold Epicentre

Shining - Halmstad

In Solitude - Sister

The Cure - Disintegration

Deathspell Omega - Fas

NIN - Broken

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