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Hollow - ''I believe sadness and death is an inevitability'' Interview

Hailing from Aachen Germany, Hollow is a atmospheric black metal act that caputres the spirit and the emotions of its creator. A free flowing ever evolvingng idealogy based in extreme art.

Moloch, (founder and instrumentalist) ‘Hollow is just a project for me to express different emotions. How far it will go or how the evolution will be, will be seen in the future, no plans or ideas. I have a very reliable vocalist by my side called Bál (Check him out : Band : Bál and Label : Baalrecords) and we will continue the journey til it finds its end.

Your music is closely related to nature?

''No, it was not planned to be related to nature. Its more a coincidence that it’s goes this way at the moment. Every release that will come will sound different, it depends on how I feel during the writing progress.

Your thoughts when creatin the atmospheric sections...

''It’s just playing and finding something that expresses what I’m feeling. I’m just starting and go with the flow.

Where does your melancholy come from?

''I don’t know to be honest. When you get older, you gain more experience with people and the world in general and realise that it can be a fucked up and depressing place. But I had always some kind of melancholy in me as far as I can remember.

There is also strong sense of inevitability within your music?

''Not on purpose. But I believe sadness and death is an inevitability in life. It will come sooner or later. Embrace it and it will be easier.

What drew you to extreme music?

'I can connect with this kind of music. I can express myself through the music, and I think it has more soul in it. I feel more if I listen to extreme music than for example Taylor Swift. Some people experience some emotions more than others and putting them into music connects people who could be feeling the same.

Are you proud to be known as a DSBM artist?

''I don’t care to be seen as an artist, to be honest. I would not even say that im an artist/musician. It’s nice to see that other people like your music and can connect with it.

It depends on who you are, some have a total commitment and some are like me: if the time/moment is right, there will be new music but I’m not forcing it. There could be 3 releases in 1 year or 1 release in 5.

Is it the perfect platform for you to express yourself freely without judgement

''I don’t care at all about beeing judged.

What is next for the project?

''There will be a last release for this year in December called „Winters Chill“. It will be 2 Tracks long and around 15 to 20 minutes. Next year it is planned to come out with another 2 track release and an ep.

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