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Heretic - "'Heresy is something everyone should strive for''

Samuel Barriball (writer, producer, performer)With my first self-titled album I made the themes specific to the real world around us. The album was to show that Metal can be used as a genre to show and talk about the evils of the world. After I did that, I decided that the theme of the world collapsing wasn't what everyone needed right now.

So, I decided to tell a story and focus on escapism, specifically about 'Countess Bathory' as an homage to Quorthon and his project 'Bathory'.

“This album is a culmination of a bunch of idea's I had been building up over the course of writing my first full album and the course of this one. It wouldn't be what it is without everyone who helped me through this. I realized that being the sole contributor to an album can be cool but I almost

wanted a 'Rock Opera' feel to the album and found there is much to be had in having other talented artists contribute what they can. A full list of

contributors can be found on the Bandcamp page.”

“This particular album (Free Of Flesh) took about a year. The first song written was 'Călăreți în Depărtare' and was going to be released as a single, but when lockdown level 4 hit I had a rush of inspiration and wrote two more tracks 'Lumini Ciudate' and 'Mort La Sosire'. Partially due to staying at my sister's place during the lockdown, which was locatedon a farm in Maramarua, but also because of how much I needed to distract myself from the stresses of the situation at the time.

The definition of heresy?

Heresy is something everyone should strive for, and most people do it effortlessly. Just challenging the status quo, the little tug and pull so things

are more aligned with what YOU want the world to be.”

The re-imagining of the horns of Gabriel?

‘’It's my belief that the music being created in times like this, times of challenge and strife, are metaphorically the "Horns of Gabriel". That everyone

contributing right now are beckoning in something, whether that's the end or the beginning of something new. I'm just a small dot on a huge map.

of other small dot's and collectively we are all heralding in great change with our sounds.

Apart from Literature any other forms of media that goes into Heretic?

‘’Video Games, I don't take myself too seriously with my music. Even though it might not seem like it hahaha. 'Diablo 2' has influenced a few song names.

and even guitar play style. 'The Witcher 3', 'Dark Souls' and even the science fiction game 'Half-Life'.

Influences and ideologies?

‘’Bathory, Drudkh and Burzum are my main inspirations. Free of Flesh, particularly was inspired by a mix of Viking-era 'Bathory' and bands like 'Lifelover' and 'ColdWorld'.

But no one's ideologies affect my own. There is some stupid behaviour and thought out there, especially in the Black Metal scene or even just music in general.

A melody, riff or drum roll I like will never have anything to do with what I think is right and wrong. I can't be assed reading a musicians Wikipedia page or

about their opinions on society. I can't even be assed learning song names sometimes. Separating the artist from the art is important, these days more than ever however it is important to call out shit behaviour, especially if it is in your own local scene.

Where does escapist black metal fit in the genre and being in Auckland gives you geographical freedom?

‘’I'd say most Black Metal is for escapism, getting lost in thick melodies that are designed to bring fantastical imagery of Vikings slaying monsters or

conquering countries. The genre was built on it, and personally I'm all for that style of song writing. I'd rather tell a cheesy story than anything elseright now. Being in New Zealand gives me geographical freedom, I have and am continuing to build friendships with all sorts of musicians and

artists up and down the country and it's a great time for it considering we are lucky enough to still go to shows.

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