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HellBomb- Short Sharp Brutal

Dmitry Golyashev (Bass/guitars) ‘’It all started in 2013 as a studio project with my long-time pal Aleks. I got some tunes, and he got a lot of energy and enthusiasm to play it. Used to play together when we were younger, so these jams were like coming home. Through years we developed Hellbomb into a full-time band, with Andrey and Evgeniy on board. Judge for yourself - two albums and two EP’s, lots of gigs, opening act for NDF2018. Quite a story, huh?

The idea to combine hardcore with death/ black metal?

‘’I just love this edgy violent feel of both genres. Always felt a lack of energetic movement in black metal and a deficiency of darkness in hardcore. Lots of bands play around with these two, but it often comes too crusty or too atmospheric. Why not to beat it fuckin down after some saw ripping blackened part? Hellbomb music is definitely the music I would like to have in my playlist personally. It seems that we were the first who nailed it that way. Glad to hear that we managed to arouse interest for this combination.

How did this inspire the name?

‘’It just came up. A lot of time has passed. But I remember waking up with this title in my mind. We all agreed that it suits perfectly for what we are doing.

Your motivations for keeping it short sharp and brutal?

‘’That’s the way it should be! Like a punch in a face, you know. Sometimes we go on slow, liquid and punishing. But mostly it’s just a severe and merciless beating. We like out metal harsh in Hellbomb.

The level of violence in your music?

‘’Always the main cause! That’s what I love about extreme metal music. And propagandize it to be - ugly, violent, and brutal. We got other genres of music for romance and technical show off. Fuck clean singing and keyboard solos. Your mum is not supposed to like what you are listening to.

The inspiration for your lyrics seems to come from more real world than traditional black metal?

‘’I don't limit the lyrical part of Hellbomb with any boundaries. It must fit the song and band attitude only. Inspiration comes from everywhere. It can touch on some political aspects, social themes, religious problems. Or it can come more symbolic and occult, especially when Andrey grabs the pen.

What has man's biggest mistake been historically and from your observations?

‘’Besides the obvious things like religions and nuclear weapons?

Won’t speak for the whole world. But for Russia, in my opinion it was October revolution and soviet period. Our history changed its direction too radically. And still, we are experiencing the consequences of this.

You're very prolific, does song writing come easily or is it a case of having a lot to say and accomplish?

‘’Well, it's always a process. Some songs demand a long time to work on. Some just jumping out. Rehearsals are always fun. Mutual understanding while jamming is tremendous between us, really. But we also put a lot of effort into each track. Playing around with riffs, details, vocal parts... I often just scroll through new songs in my head. Saturating it with some inner energy. Bringing the composition to perfection.

The level of musicianship is insane…

‘’Thanks for the compliment! We definitely grew up as musicians from the first demo. I believe the main motivation is an urge to play music we love. And a lot of practice, of course.

‘’But I don’t consider our music complicated. Opposite - usually we try not to push it forward too much. Simple song structure, catchy vocal lines - I think it more suits to express the violent emotion of our songs. We speed it up a bit, but also to emphasize the intensity of our material.


s there a limit to extreme music or maximum aggression?

‘’No way man! Every time there is someone who brings it to another level. No matter how - experimenting with guitar tune or sound, mixing genres, sometimes maybe going away from concrete metal forms. But there are always some musicians obsessed with dark and evil music, trying to explore and express themselves through extremes.

Is Hellbomb the only way to release your energy?

‘’One of the main, for me personally. Especially if we are talking about creative energy. But not the least. We also got sports on the plate and some other musical projects.

Where do you fit in the Russian scene, and do you scare the hell out of everybody live?

‘’Ha-ha! That’s fun. You should ask THEM about it.

Underground scene in Russia is rather close-up and friendly. But I would be lying if I said that we don’t feel some envy, plagiarism and misunderstanding on this basis. Sadly, there still a place for phony smiles and fake hellos kinda shit.

The next release? Full length? More mayhem?

‘’Yes, it’s gonna be a third full-length album for us. Hope we can manage to bring it on, my friend. A lot of energy accumulated to rip it in the studio!

Plans for the future.

Highly concentrated on the forthcoming record! A lot of work to be done.

Top 6 albums of all time?

‘’I will not be original on this one. Let’s highlight some metal classics, which really changed the face of heavy music and formed my tastes also.

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

Metallica - Master of Puppets

Slayer - Reign in Blood

Morbid Angel - Altars of Madness

Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power

Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Keep it brutal and evil! Support your metal my friends!

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