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Ferriterium - ''black metal has the ability to provide very dense and deep feelings''

‘’Ferriterium is actually the very first project I composed for, more than 15 years ago. As I was pretty isolated and devoid of any band, I was trying to compose and write all on my own. Thenceforth I've been keeping this project alive despite the bands I joined in later on.’’

‘’Having a solo project provides the chance to control everything around the music and also to go deeper in the feelings you want or need to emit. It's very interesting when you have very personal things to say or to excavate. It's very relieving, it might be compared to a personal diary in fact.’’

‘’Ferreriterium Yes, formerly it was the jail the slaves were locked in. I think this place could be compared to many aspects of our present kind of life, in which we don't have any control. I mean, there is a need for me to denounce and to stand up against all the things we're quite forced to do to live decently on the outer world.’’

Calvaire is the latest release of Ferriterium. Raido (Vocals/Guitars/bass). A ferocious complete work of art that unleashes wave after wave of glorious riffing and brutal black metal heaviness that is devoid of any self excess that combines melody along with an energetic visceral approach to its music .

Calvaire is such a progression from Le Dernier Livre . It is also a more personal one.

‘’Calvaire sounds neatter probably due to the upgraded production and the riffing going on more effective. More personal, I am not sure, maybe, but I do hope the upcoming Ferriterium albums will be more and more personal. That's the key for making uncommon material.

It is also very different from Raido’s other musical endeavours

‘’From Malevolentia yes it is, I am not a founding member and the mastermind "Dies" masters and oversees everything and comes up with the main ideas of the ongoing album, which come from his own influences. My role here is to have my guitar sounds consistent with the material he brings, although I often suggest what I have in mind during the rehearsals. Musically Malevolentia is more rhythmic and paced with massive orchestration to give the whole thing more impact, while Ferriterium is more atmospheric and melodic at the same time.

The atmosphere feels different as well.

Heimsgard is another side project of mine, so the process is exactly the same in Ferriterium. I pick up a theme and a topic, I compose the music first, then the lyrics, I have some guests if I need or if I want to, and I finally have a record. The only difference is about energy and spirit. Ferriterium will bring out a dark and negative feeling while Heimsgard will have a touch of hope and sunshine. Musically these two projects are very close, about the same speed, a basic rhythm part overcome with high pitched lead guitar or catchy melody.

I think the recipe has the same basics, only the color differs.’’

Where do Those riffs come from…

‘’Hard to say. Practicing and tying odd chords and fingerings. And also from my whistlings when I am driving or working. I often make a score of what I am actually whistling or dreaming up when I think it's catchy. Silence doesn't exist in my head.

I listen a lot to classical music like Mozart, Albinoni, Bach, Chopin and so on, the adaptation to black metal from classical music parts could be one of the keys of your question.’’

Being known as a Black Metal musician

‘’As the term of black metal musician sounds underground and non-mainstream in my head, I am happy with that, yes. I think the term limiting but it's still better than being assimilated to all the popular shit coming out.

Moreover, I think it's flattering because black metal has the ability to provide very dense and deep feelings, that many other genres can't give out.’’

Its personal Definition

‘’This term came too wide to give it a sense lately, basically it meant a kind of artistic freedom indeed and also a part of the dark art movement. You can freely go beyond the rules existing elsewhere. You're allowed to shock and offend, you're allowed to use outrageous images, sensitive subjects and so on.

You can express despair, violence, hatred and hope at the same time. Many genres go for an conviction or belief, while in black metal going against a belief is not offendable from the audience side, which is one more asset of this genre.’’

Should it remain barbaric yet subtle..

‘’For me, it's not supposed to be or to remain anything. I find a huge free expression in black metal and that's the only one thing that should remain. I think people use more sub-genres to tag music at the moment, so no matter if bands call themselves whatever they want, the audience knows how to fix it up I think.’’

Should music remain uncompromising to remain vital ?

‘’I don't think so, music is vital for different reasons according to the audience's need or the artist's need. It's very interesting to see what reason such or such people got the album for, I like the feedback from buyers to know what they found in my music, it gives me another aspect of it that I was not even aware of.’’

The battle between good and evil L'Opéra de Géhenne

‘’Life is a matter of balance. There is always a part of each to set up. Music can help people to find their own balance, so yes it's a kind of nicety here.’’

Being metaphorically martyred for your beliefs "L'apogee Du Marthyr.

‘’Yes, I think going whole-heartedly in one's conviction opens all the gates you need and makes you stout. You go much further if you're ready for that and you know better the reason why you're here.’’

Denouncing religion for society to move and progress

‘’Not really sure about it, but I've always been amazed how much people restrain themselves to respect the prohibitions of their religion. I can't understand the fulfillment they can find in holding back themselves, and basically it was surely not the main purpose of it.

It looks like people do need to believe in something they can't reach, but how would the society look like without that?’’

Man's greatest struggle as an individual

‘’I would say getting to know oneself. When you finally get what reason you're here for, it's much easier to set a way to follow and to achieve a goal you chose. Sometimes, a goal might choose you instead, which will make things even easier.’

The inspiration to create extreme music

‘’Depression and anxiety, it was the influences but also the reasons I started to create extreme music for. It basically helped me to excavate bad feelings and understand the roots of them. You do need to ask yourself why you feel like playing such rough music to find it out..’’

The bible as a source of inspiration.

‘’Of course, biblical inspiration is just a perfect use as metaphorical denunciations of the problems that overwhelm us. I like using the image of hell to compare some aspects of our daily life, and you can't really do that without including the bible's existence in your lyrics.

I am also a fan of northern mythology, medieval and baroque times, paintings, former cultures... so there are plenty of media to take some inspiration from. ‘’

The biggest misconception of the French Black metal Scene.

‘’No idea. Maybe that french artists can't help themselves making tons of melody in their music?’’

top 6 albums of all time

Too hard to select the best 6, then here are the albums that changed my life at different periods for different reasons:

-Nirvana - Smell like teen spirit

-Ly̲nyrd Skynyrd - Second Helping

-Metallica - Master Of Puppets

-Led Zeppelin - IV

-Motörhead - Inferno

-Marduk - World Funeral

-Dark Funeral - Diabolis Interium

-The Legion - Unseen to Creation

-Drudkh - Microcosmos

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