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Faidra - Six Voices Inside

Faidra is a Swedish orthodox black metal project that pushes the boundaries of both atmospheric and classic Scandinavian metal influences to create a truly unique one person project. An individual without name.

‘’That became more of a thing for the listeners than me. I just decided to not put my name out there because I wanted people to contact me through the proper channels and not through private ones. And also, it lets you as a listener to focus on the music and not the person behind it. Nothing more than that and no big secret really.

‘’The inspiration for Faidra came about when I was making somewhat dark folk music during 2019.I experimented a lot and wanted to try mixing in a few distorted guitars into the folk tracks I made. It sounded pretty grim and reminded me a bit about black metal.

At the time, I had also discovered Hermodr, and I liked the repetitive droning style.

So, I figured I should try to make some Black metal instead and put the folk music on hold.

Was pursuing Orthodox Black Metal the Intention for the start?

Not really, as stated above. It came about due to pure chance and as a result of experimenting in my home studio.

You are not afraid to cite Burzum as a musical influence? People have forgotten the power of the music over the personality.

See, there’s a good example of where lots of people refuse to listen to a particular band’s music because of who created it. The band Curse upon a Prayer is another example because they are apparently against Islam. So, I’ve heard anyways. For some people within the black metal sphere, I guess it’s okay with themes like murder, destruction of the whole earth, suicide, hating all of humanity etc. But as soon as a band singles out a group of people or a religion other than Christianity…. well, they are offended and refuse to listen to the music. I think its childish. I am no communist or Marxist but can absolutely listen to Rage against the Machine from time to time. Simply because good music is good music whoever created it.

As for Burzum being an inspiration. Well, maybe a bit but really not that much except for the song Dunkelheit. I have nothing against Burzum, but I don’t draw much inspiration from there other than the song mentioned above (I tried to recreate the synth sound used on that track). Hermodr has been more of a musical inspiration, but the inspiration can really come from anywhere.

The creative process for Six Voices inside and did it take long to create?

Not really. It takes a lot longer now, working on the second album. That mainly is due to lack of free time. I had a lot more time on my hands during the making of the first album.

The power of the number 6?

I think it’s more coincidence. Six voices inside refers to the six voices inside Anneliese Michel, a story you could read more about online if you wish to know more.

It just happened to be six tracks on the album too.

Is being a one-person project liberating in terms of complete musical freedom?

I think so, yes. But you could also miss out on good input and ideas that you would otherwise have in a band.

Do you think Black metal has lost its purity and is diluted?

There are tons of new, great bands. Some of them try new things and some of them go more towards the old ways of doing things. I tend to listen to the older stuff myself though but appreciate more” modern” acts as well such as MGLA (though they have been around since early 2000’s so maybe they count as old school, but you get the idea) which is probably the best band within the genre I’ve heard in years and years.

Is extreme music the only possible outlet for Faidra?

I think, in my teens, the early cradle of filth stuff was a path into discovering more extreme forms of music. Probably because it still had some real noticeable melodies and high production value. It led me to discovering more bands. As for Faidra, I think it will stay true to the original idea forever but evolve within that framework.

Do everyday actions influence?

Not really. Maybe if I read something I like, or discover something in say, other forms of media, it will influence the lyrical parts. But everyday life has had very little influence on the music.

Plans for the future musically send creatively

Working on album number two right now, and that’s about it for my plans. I hope to work with Sebastien (Director) again with another music video too.

Top 6 albums of all time

Depends on genre and it depends on what day you ask me.

I listen to quite a lot of different genres depending on my mood. But if I would pick from within the black metal genre, thus week, not in any order it would be:

Hermodr - Forest Sky

Marduk - Frontschwein

Mgla - Exercises in futility

Immortal - At the heart of winter

Marras - Where light comes to die

Caladan Brood - Echoes of battle

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