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Euphrosyne - ''Our whole art is an allegory for the battles we fight with ourselves ''

A musical force of nature without conceivable boundaries is just a part of what makes Euphrosyne such a unique and intelligent idea. This Greek act take the modern conception of extreme music and completely transform it into something new and paradoxical, a seamless merging of ideas and emotions that is natural and utterly uncompromising.

Efi Eva (Vocals) “The first idea of forming Euphrosyne dates back to 2019, when Alex and Efi started at working on one of Efi’s personal dark-pop project and composing some random songs. That’s when the whole inspiration of creating this band came from and so it happens. In our first steps we began as a project but after thoughts we had, we decided to set this as a whole band since we work better in a team, and we believe that that it offers better and more complete results.

Euphrosyne? The goddesses of good Cheer? Your music could almost be a complete opposite of that at times?

‘’Nice remark about the meaning of our name since a lot of people don’t know anything about it! As you said, Euphrosyne was one of the Charites in ancient Greece and the bringer of the good news, and that’s the whole controversial and contradictory metaphor we want to convey. Our whole art is an allegory for the battles we fight with ourselves through our fears until we reach real atonement and peace of mind. Despite all the adversities, there is always hope and these are the good news that our name represents.

The EP Is called Keres named after female death spirits?

‘’Once again, Keres serve the allegory of observers that they narrate the personal psychic battle with our fears and the ancestral instinct of anger that leads even to the emoting of loss. At the end of the battle they await bloodthirsty to devour what ends dead from this war and in that case is Fear. The conclusion of our EP and what Keres narrate is the ascendency of soothing emotions like redemption and acceptance that comes from freedom. That’s why the last lyrics of “Keres” are the following ones: “One day, we’ll be free” (Song: Within the Ages). What is happening in this war leads to us very own freedom from every hostile feeling that we bravely fought.

Your different musical components?

‘’To be honest they come quite naturally since we’re listening to a lot of different genres, and we have been influenced by all of them, so we compose having them in our inspiration palette. At the same time, which was and still is a problem that we have to face when someone asks about the exact genre, we represent so we end up telling them that overall is kinda post-black.

The creation of new release Keres?

‘’Well, some parts came really easy and some others not. The easy part was the composition of the songs but the hardest one, and the one that took most of the time, was the orchestration which was also, equally important in the whole album as it essentially completed the whole thing.

''The only thing that we always keep in mind when we compose or orchestrate a song or an entire album is to serve the purpose of music and what we need to communicate properly to the audience. Honesty is the greatest virtue in music, and it is what makes a song listenable.

The music tends to ebb and flow so naturally is it telling a story?

‘’Totally it’s narrating a story. As we mentioned earlier, “Keres” describes, using many metaphors, a war between our inner self and Fears that haunt us and try to conquer us.

From Black Metal to Post to jazz to Symphonic? are all genres open to interpretation?

‘’We think they are open to interpretation but, of course, with the right delightful management and always keeping in mind that it serves its purpose and not ending being pretentious. As for the extreme music, we think that it has the advantage of causing edgy emotions that creates an awakening with how raw it hits on you. Sometimes we need a strong shake to wake us up from us emotional slumber.

The vocals carry so much emotion and styles. Is it classical training?

‘’The range of vocals is quite widened from extreme and dirty vocals to modern pop choruses and classical choral vocals following both modern and classical training, so the vocal lines follow the emotion of the song and tell the story.

It is personal yet contains mythology influences. Is it an idea or an emotion or ...?

The first idea usually comes abstractly either from some event that happened, a book or some story that gave inspiration and food for thought. Generally, anything that causes some intense emotion. In “Keres,” the lyrics were inspired by personal experiences.

Do outside influences such as media etc influence you or is it personal interpretation?

‘’It is both ways. We are not cut off from social trends or whatever happens around us, so we are certainly, influenced at some point but we always have our personal touches and our point of view on what we do so it can lead us to something different and unique.

Who is the sister of Violence?

''Sister of violence indicates a metaphorical person we are attached to in any way and describes us darkest thoughts in our time of need. The whole song discusses the handling of fear and anger caused by abandonment as well as the emotion of betrayal which can even come from our own selves.

Plans for the future and new releases?

''A lot of gigs and two new singles after the release of “Keres”! Also, we’ve been already in studio recording our next full-length album that we hope it’ll be released at the end of 2023 or in the beginning of 2024.

Top 6 albums of all time?

1.Nevermore-The godless endeavor

2.Opeth- Blackwater Park

3.Behemoth- The Satanist

4.Pain of salvation- Be

5.Darkthrone- Soulside Journey

6.Pink Floyd- Animals

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