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Etwas- ''We conjure the nature's wrath against humanity''

Victoria Hove (vocals) ‘’ Etwas was created in 2018, even if we already knew each other and wanted to make music. Silver, the guitarist and composer, was searching for a singer to bring his solo symphonic metal project to life. He had some tracks he composed and never presented. We met in a pub, spoke about music and we became friends long before creating the band. It was such an opportunity for me because, as long as I can remember, I always dreamed of singing in a metal band. Very quickly, we wanted to make the band bigger to compose, record and play, and we easily found Florian, the bass player. He is as evolved in the band as we are. And finally, the drummer, Clement, joined us last year, attracted not only by the EP but also by the upcoming album that we are still working on.

What drew you to the name and it's meaning to you?

"Etwas" means "something" in German language. Silver, who had several projects by the past with long names, wanted something short and easy to remind. And, since he didn't know what to choose, what to create, this idea came to him. For someone who doesn't speak German, this name sounds really good. We don't have the vainglory to search to revolutionize the style we like, we are only doing our stuff, we are making "something" in the immensity of metal bands. So, "Etwas" is perfect.

‘’We are very into mysteries and things we don't explain or understand. In the EP, we conjure the nature's wrath against humanity. We made, from this abstract figure, something that can express itself in a music way.

What drew you all to symphonic metal?

‘’We all have nearly to same age, so we raised with the same influences. In the late 90's, early 2000's, symphonic metal was very fashionable. And the mix between hard music and delicate female voices was absolutely incredible for this era. Everyone has listened to the first albums of Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation... Since I heard this kind of music, listened to the beautiful arrangements, to the heavenly voices of Tarja or Simone, it brought this in my mind: "That is what I want to do!" And some decades later, here we are!

‘’For the boys, even they like heavier music, they really appreciate symphonic metal. And, if there were plenty of symphonic metal bands few years ago, they slowly disappeared. We wanted to dig up and fresh up this style.

The biggest misconception about symphonic metal?

‘’For a long time, symphonic metal music was considered in many ways as "metal for girls". Maybe because it was called "front woman metal" or maybe because the music wasn't loud enough, the voice was too sweet... I don't know. But it always had this image, this reputation. And this is such a pity because symphonic metal ally beautiful arrangements and voices with true metal. We hope that the people who think this way will be more open minded to give a chance to awesome bands to be listened, without having this "metal for girls" label.

You are heavier that most symphonic metal bands. Is this from your influences or your environment in France?

‘’Unfortunately, France is not the perfect country for metalheads. The French music culture counts few songs of this repertoire, in contrast to the Scandinavian music can be, for example.

So, we went off the beaten track and picked in music what we wanted. We have different tastes in music, even if they stay in metal. For instance, Silver likes metalcore and brutal metal; Clement likes big metal music; Florian would rather like heavy metal and more "classic" metal bands, whereas I am secretly fond of black metal. This is the mix between all our tastes that make our band heavier than others in this style.

The combination of Melancholy an Ambient? Almost like a counterpoint of duality to the heavier sections.

‘’We wanted people who listen to our music to feel what we felt during the creation of the EP: emotions. The emotions panel is very large. And by the melodies, the vocal lines, the lyrics, we tried to translate into music our feelings. Since "Behind the Veil" deals with the endless battle between nature and humanity, we tried to express what the personified nature could have felt when it was assaulted. Incomprehension, sadness, anger, revenge... That what conditioned the heavier parts or the slower ones. We wanted a music that "speaks".

‘’For the EP, the writing was very personal. I don't think I had many influences to write. I tried to think in another way that I usually do. My way of writing also took inspiration in the artwork of the EP: this dark forest with a blue-grey dusk light, showing a mysterious and weeping woman in the back. I decided to take this cover and turn it into a nature character who tells her story. And lyrics came quite easily.

‘’We picked a theme that everyone heard about, we create our own vision. We combine both but with our imagination. We want to create in all the process, since the melodies until the lyric theme.

What makes Etwas different to other bands?

‘’We like music, and we listen to new ones as much as possible. We have many influences but we don’t want to copy a band style, neither the songs nor the image. When something we heard sounds good to us, it gives us the will not to make it ours, but to create with a new idea. We take the time to play and replay all the songs as many times they need, to choose the perfect instruments that will give a soul to our compositions, to put in lyrics what the songs inspire us. Etwas keeps the essence of symphonic metal but with a touch of modernity, a touch of violence that we like in other styles.

‘’It is totally natural for us to marry the melodies to the heavy. We search for an ambient, an aesthetic that could be listened. The songs are all composed by Silver who thinks about a feeling and translates it into music. We work with Guitar Pro and it is easy to send the tracks to each other. We take the time to listen several times and ask Silver, if needed, to edit a part. Clement, for instance, recomposes the drums parts. Florian edits the bass lines if needed to make them as he wants. The vocal lines are not composed at all, they don't exist in the sent project. So, I am totally free to find the melodies and convert them into lyrics. So, at the beginning, the idea is only from Silver and later it becomes a sharing between all the band members who add a little of their personalities.

You have a new album on the way. How will it be different to your EP "Behind the Veil”?

‘’If "Behind the Veil" followed the symphonic metal bands, that all of us know, as Nightwish or Epica, we want to show, with this new album, the real face of Etwas. We won't be as "shy" as we were and will give everything that make us thrill. Really heavy and tortured guitar riffs, faster drums parts, heavy ambient and a lot of arrangements, and a big touch of black metal. The lyrics will be very darker, dealing with occultism. Our music will be more mature, with more worked tracks. A symphonic black metal album, with beautiful arrangements, choirs, instruments, and clean lyrical voice.

‘’The composition of the album is almost done; lyrics are already written. So, even in this uncertain era, we would want to record this album very soon and release it this year. We hope that we will amaze the people who will listen to the new album, which will be extremely far from what we used to do, but overall that it will be appreciated.’’

Plans for the future.

‘’Photoshoots as soon as possible. We have so many ideas that only ask for being realized. Some videoclips too because the one we filmed last year was well welcome and because, I must admit, it was really cool to make. And, if this actual context lets us the opportunity, planning some shows.’’

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