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Ernte - ''Our "Weltenzerstörer" is destroying the world of sick thoughts''

The black metal duo of Ernte continue their relationship with the uncompromising and extreme with their new album "Weltenzerstörer". It is a raw yet infinitely complex exploratory piece of dark art that is a diatribe against the norm and the compromise of the masses. The personification of aggression yet also a continual evolution.


Askahex (Vocals, Bass, Violin) “It is our third album in 3 years. We have been very creative since the beginning of the band and we will continue to be – with the new album "Weltenzerstörer" we show more than ever our melodic and doomy side, but also stay true to our roots. We evolved as a creative and producing team, but also started to enter the stages as a four piece since some months. More to hear soon!


The "world destroyer" not one but many lines of aggression. Thoughts, false feelings, and manipulations?


‘’Our "Weltenzerstörer" is destroying the world of sick thoughts. The world of false feelings. The world of consumption, or the world of manipulation. The world of religions, which we all deeply despise. 


It is your darkest intense offering yet.


‘’Yes, "Weltenzerstörer" is maybe our darkest output so far, due to its doomed, grave parts, and also due to the lyrical themes. But it's also a very powerful and self-confident album. The 2 new videos for "The Witch" and "Ruler of Chaos, bringer of storm" show the mentioned darkness and fortitude very well. They are our best work so far and we are very proud of it – we have done these videos just the two of us!


It is an epic record that visits bleak and melody in equal measure.


‘’Yes, that is quite an aptly description.


Is this the essential Ernte album?

 ‘’No, we think the essential ERNTE album will come next time. Haha… We are already writing new songs, and they will be a punch in your face. But "Weltenzerstörer" is an important album for us as an established band, as third albums used to be.


Is it the stripping away to the truth of the individual and society without the 

indoctrinate theologies, to find true purpose and meaning? 


‘’On a philosophical level, yes.


Is loneliness a positive where the individual can focus on their true meaning and purpose? 


‘’Again, yes. Too many people bunched together just produce a lot of crappy nonsense. Just look around in the post-modern world today.


And to allow nature to revive from humankind's destruction? 


‘’We should never forget that we are part of this "nature" too. We are just animals. So, in the end, we will destroy mainly ourselves. I don't know if it's possible or even makes sense to just go "back to nature". My comfort is that nature as an entity will always persist in some form – be it with or without humans.



The tracks are longer allowing them to reach their individual zenith as on "The Witch"?


‘’Our tracks tend to be longer than 5 or 6 minutes – the songs need time to develop their full atmosphere and severity.


"The Witch (was born in flames)" carries several different metaphors and is more resurrection rather than sacrifice?


‘’In the lyrics, I speak about a woman who is born from the flames and draws her wild power from them. The opposite of witch-burning were fire leads to death.


And the personal energy within it is neither negative nor positive, but for the individual rather than how people perceive it?


‘’On another level, this song shows that basically it's all about the way you use energy – it's neither positive nor negative in itself. Of course, this is an individual perception – we never speak of the masses.


The innate aggression within the record. Is it something that occurs naturally?


‘’It comes naturally. Black Metal is, among other things, an aggressive genre. And we are not just writing hateful and doomed songs – it is our inner flame speaking.


The violin also makes a return but is especially haunting?


‘’It is only one song with a violin, a quite simple melody, not especially haunting or something. We just think that it adds a special note to this track.


Misanthrope is a term used in the underground regularly but often misused. How do you describe it personally and its hatred for society? 


‘’Misanthropy is an attitude we both share – Häxär and I despise humanity as a collectivity. Humans are sick and morbid in their consumerism, their fashion, they are brain-washed and fanatic in their religions and other believes. For me personally it also means the wish that someday humans just disappear in their natural environment – like in the novels of C. Ransmayr for example.


Final thoughts?


‘’Stay true! Keep the ancient black flame burning!

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