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ERNTE - "Albsegen" is our hateful spell on all the sick situations in our contemporary world''

Ernte, Witch N. (vocals, bass, violin) and V. Noir (guitars, bass, drums) have created extreme art in the form of Black metal that is vital, unsettling, and immediate. The intensity of their music is as visceral as the lingering presence it creates. this is music is as formidable and uncompromising as the artists creative vision.

Your new album Albsegen arrived very quickly after your debut and 7’’, was it already in progress?

Witch N ‘’ Yes, indeed. When our debut album "Geist und Hexerei" has been released at the

end of 2021, "Albsegen" was already finished, except the mastering. This is mainly due to the pandemic situation at the pressing plants, but as well to our enormous creativity between 2020 and 2022. We wrote, recorded, and mixed 2 entire albums within 1,5 years! And the 3rd album is almost finished at the moment.

What is Albsegen?

’’Oh, this is a bit complicated for a non-German speaking person! But I try to explain. It is a play on words with the Swiss alpine tradition of the "Alpsegen" (note the different notation!) which is a very old Catholic invocation done by the shepherd to protect his drove from evil spirits. Our "Albsegen" on the contrary is a spell of a malignant, oppressing creature ("Alb" in German) who is responsible for our nightmares. Therefore, the album "Albsegen" is our hateful spell on all the sick situations in our contemporary world.

It is a vital progression. Was there a conscious decision behind it to continue the evolution of Ernte?

‘’Thank you for the compliment – we just evolved naturally and personally, and we learned a lot of things during the recording of the debut album… "Albsegen" is just the result of this process.

The inclusion of the haunting violin, not just an instrument but an integral piece of art?

‘’In fact, there is no violin at all on this album, ha-ha. The intro is played on my bass with a violin bow. But a little cue: On the 3rd ERNTE album, you will hear much more of my violin!

What is ‘’Cutting the Stars From the Sky”? Is it the complete destruction of light?

‘’No, not necessarily. It's a more abstract thing. The lyrics are about my dreams which are the only thing that cannot be taken away or destroyed by our cruel and sick reality. The stars symbolize these dreams. I cut them from the sky to protect them from reality and to create my own world, to carry on in life.

Does it also continue the conversation with the spirits?

‘Do you mean my lyrics in general? Yes, for example in "Phantoms", some chosen individuals are able to converse with very old spirits in the forest.

The ‘’negative’’ aspect of Ernte. Is this a vital part of your music and consciousness?

‘’ For me there is no negative aspect in ERNTE. When I sing for example about the revenge of the nature as a female force, it's only a liberating emotion, a positive aspect.

Is it inspired by the environment around you or is it a more personal reaction to events?

Witch N.: This is a philosophical question, but for me it is both, because there is no possibility to isolate my person from my environment.

Is it a conscious decision to create moments of melody along with the pure darkness in your music?

‘’I like especially Nordic melodies because in my opinion they are very dark and beautiful at the same time. But as V. Noir is writing most of the songs in ERNTE the melodies you mention are mostly his merit - I think he is a talented songwriter who is able to show the pure beauty of darkness.

It is said darkness is simply an absence of light. Is this true?

‘’This is a deeply philosophical question which I cannot really answer in its entirety because it would go way too far. But I don’t think that this is true. Darkness is rather the source of all light. And every being is destined to return to complete darkness and chaos after all.

Do you find it comforting?

‘’Yes, definitely.

How important is it to be true to the very nature of black metal?

‘’Question back: What IS the true nature of Black Metal? Surely there are roots and bands to be always respected, but art should be able to evolve and to break new ground.

Should all musical art be pure expression without inhibitions?

‘’Definitely yes. As long as nobody is harmed.

Is it “extreme” music when it is the core of your being?

‘’It should be yes. I think it is the requirement for creating extreme art in general.

Is it the only possible way to express yourself honestly without limits?

‘’For me it is because I am no painter. I do write to express myself, but there is a limitation because of the language and its rules.

Is there an overall direction and ultimate goal of Ernte?

‘’Black Metal is, will be and has always been an attitude – we live this attitude by creating art and contributing to keep the black flame alive.

Plans for the future.

''Finishing the 3rd album, play some live shows, and reaping what we sowed.

Top 6 albums of all time?

Witch N.: Bathory "Under The Sign of The Black Mark" Dark Buddha Rising: "Mathreyata" The Fields Of The Nephilim: "Dawnrazor"

Black Sabbath "Paranoid" Neurosis: "Souls At Zero" Winter: "Into Darkness"

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