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Empyrean Fire - ‘’Now more than ever, we need to express ourselves''

‘’This highest of the high, made of pure fire, the sun. I think of Empyrean Fire as a representation of the sun. Because of the sun, creation on earth is possible. ‘’

Tricia Myers is the voice and part of the of the furious passion that is Empyrean Fire. Deliverance is their debut album, an ambitious heavy album drawing on the classical literature of Milton . A maelstrom of hellfire that reflects the bringing of the Portland (US) members together.

‘’Passion for music, symphonic black metal, we all enjoy the work of each others, other projects :) I had been wanting to get back into writing and creating music for a while and was lucky enough to find some amazing musicians to work beside. ‘’

What drew you to classical works of Milton?

‘’I love poetry, I enjoy reading and the written works of Milton, they are full of amazing images, words and an incredible story. ‘’

Is Empyrean fire more concerned with the larger themes of man and darkness rather than current events?

‘’This world is a shit show...mankind needs to look deep into their own and make changes to better themself, you are responsible for your own actions, make informed choices, and be decent humans. ‘’

Your debut album Deliverance is an absolute cracker and is the sound of a very mature band. Was it a long process from inspiration to completion?

‘’Thank you for your kind words, yes, it was a LOONNGG process as I wrote many of the lyrics several years ago and have been sitting on them for awhile. With Jason and Brian tho, they are extremely talented and easy to work with which made writing pretty fun and easier. ‘’

Final battle is a huge definitive Song. But has many elements. Almost like a cliffhanger for what comes next?

‘’At this time we are hoping to bring this album to the stage and perform, we want to create a live experience that stays with you for a lifetime. ‘’

Who is the commander of chaos ?

‘’Referring to our song Final Battle, the commander of chaos is Lucifer, the dragon, Satan, OR it could refer are the commander of your chaos...

You are so much more than symphonic black metal?

‘’Yes, I believe each of us have a huge palette when it comes to music in general, we enjoy many different genres including symphonic black metal’’

There is an element of palpable fury to the band. Where do you think this comes from?

‘’It comes from our experiences, how we feel about current events’’

Humankind is Heartless from Corruption. Can humans reverse this or has our mindless consumption rendered us doomed?

‘’It definitely seems that way BUT I do feel each of us have a choice to work on ourselves to make better choices, to be better humans.’’

The album that possessed you down this path and your inspiration to sing?

‘’The very first song that inspired me to sing was released in 1963, Skeeter Davis and End of the World, I was very young when I heard it, it made me cry. It was a sad song and I could feel that from her voice.’’

What is black metal?

‘’To me it is many things, a feeling, intense, sometimes cold, sometimes beautiful, ugly, wildly chaotic, freedom, expression’’

Why is it so vital and evolving?

‘’Now more than ever, we need to express ourselves, and as time passes things change but the need to express ourselves is always present. ‘’

The greatest book we have never read?

‘’The Cabinet of Curiosities, a novel by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child''

What inspires and influences you as an artist?

‘’Hatred for most of humanity (not all, but most)’’

Your top 6 albums of all time?

Emperor - 1994 - In the Nightside Eclipse,

Wardruna - 2013 - Runalijod - Yggdrasil,

Opeth - 2002-2004, Deliverance and Damnation,

Dissection - 1993 - The Somberlain,

The Devil's Blood - 2001 - The Thousandfold Epicenter,

Watain - 2007 - Sworn to the Dark

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