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Dusk -'' Breaking boundaries is part of what we do''

Dusk embody and embrace the cold icy darkness that is industrial black metal. Cold calculating and unrelenting in its efficiency. The malevolence lies in the execution and the combination of modern and ancient mythology channelled through the machine and the perception of man. “Rethrenody!” is their latest release that keeps the darkness pure yet pursues other ideals.

How does Rethrenody differ from your previous releases?

''RETHRENODY is an electronic downbeat atmospheric black metal instead of the usual blast beat format.

Musically and thematically Dusk is intrinsically linked. Does an idea form the song?

‘’Songs and albums are formed by specified themes.

‘’They come from a post-apocalyptic perspective.

‘’ It incorporates many styles Industrial, Atmospheric, Black metal, Noise, Dark step, Doom etc etc.

What does Dusk mean to you?

‘’Absence of light.

Do you find the label of Black metal limiting and are proud to be associated with the genre?

''We are very proud that this type Industrial influenced music is associated to Black Metal.

What drew you to the industrial underground?

‘’We believe that Industrial Black Metal is the ultimate frontier within extreme metal because it has no limits it can go further, heavier, faster, and more atmospheric than any other format of Black Metal.

And extreme music?

‘’Anything extreme or dark within metal or electronic music has always been an important part of our lives.

‘’Genres are invented in order to understand and a way to search more of what people like, but breaking boundaries is part of what we do, we do not copy anything We do not want to be influenced by the scene but influence the scene.

The idea to do a cover of Blackened?

‘’It was remixed few years ago just for fun and it was incorporated on this album as a bonus track since we had space.

How do you define darkness?

''We do not define darkness as something evil but more like a music style and lifestyle reign by chaos with no rules or boundaries.

Is mankind standing on the edge of the abyss?


Is music the best way to represent your ideas?

''Music and video formats.

Plans for the future.

''New albums we can’t stop production.

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