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Resonance: Ignis Gehenna Rites of Transvaluation.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Ignis Gehenna

Rites of Transvaluation.

Continuing the path set out by ‘Baleful Scarlet Star’. Rites of Transvaluation contains elements from the same recording and some new atmospheric material. This is Black Metal that has evolved and grown and continues to surprise, combining the traditional elements and arrangements along with something new and exciting. Numenos Fyrphos explores a new instrumental direction tinged in darkness and industrial stylings. The title track and Sulphur Pit are more recognizable Dark /Black metal Opuses that highlight the bands heaviness yet also memorable riffs that explore and develop over the course of the song. There is order in the chaos and a clear sense of direction, melody has found its place in the compositions as revealed on Threshold. A complete piece as opposed to a collection of songs, this is a must for connoisseurs of original, brutally heavy, and unique music

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