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Dawn of Ouroboros - ''It’s the music I connect with the most.

‘’I guess it would represent the feeling of a soft warmth.’’ Is how Tony Thomas (Guitars, Keyboards) describes Dawn of Ouroboros excellent new album Velvet Incandescence. A record that explores not only the continued purity of extreme metal that is blackened and progressive but also reaches a new technicality intermingled with a deeply personal edge.

‘’Yes, you could say that. Our brand of technicality is usually rooted more in layers and harmonic structure rather than physical technicality. We felt these creates a warm and vivid experience that fit perfectly with the intimate lyrical themes.’’

the idea to merge choir with progressive and black metal?

‘’All of our music is a spontaneous process. We never go into writing music with the idea of what we should be doing. it’s all done through jamming out ideas on instruments, and often times the vocals are improvised during the album recording.

There are many varied influences is no genre off limits when it come to the creation of your music?.

‘’Yes, we are all from different backgrounds with our influences. So yes, I'd say no genre is off-limits, as long as it sounds good to us!

Part improv/part progressive?

‘’Yes, there is a huge improv element in our writing process, I like to believe it gives the music more life.

‘’We generally don’t think about what we're going for we just do what comes naturally.

Are you proud to be associated with extreme music?

‘’Yes, most definitely

‘’I’ve been into extreme music since the late 90s. It’s just the music I connect with the most. You could say it "chose me”.

Should art be formless, without boundaries?

Yes, art should be whatever the artist wants it to be. Do whatever you want creatively. As long as one is proud of their own creations, it is successful.

‘’I never expected to have a financial gain from artistic pursuit. So I am open to do whatever I want without concern of anyone liking it or not. Thankfully, most seem to enjoy it.

What's next and the ultimate goal of Dawn of Ouroboros?

Write more albums, tour more, have fun.

Tops 6 albums of all time

That’s though.

Lantlos - Melting Sun

Heretoir - The Circle

Death - Individual Thought Patterns

Cynic - Traced in Air

Rolo Tomassi - Time will die and Love will Bury it.

Imperial Triumphant- Vile Luxury

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