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Dark The Suns ''Literally darkness means to me a peaceful place''

Dark The Suns conjure evocative emotive soundscapes that traverse both the beautiful and the dark. Their previous releases Sleepwalking in a Nightmare and All Ends in Silence help create the tone for their powerful music. After a long hiatus the band returned in 2021 with Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä and with more new music on the way.

The decision to revive Dark The Suns And as a duo?

Mikko: Inka (Ojala: bass, keyboards, synthesizers, backing vocals) and I (Mikko Ojala: vocals, guitar, drums) have written almost all music and lyrics for the band in the history of the band, so it was really easy to continue the band as a duo. I play guitars and drums, Inka plays bass and all synths, pianos and writes all orchestral elements. Inka is super talented to write music with piano. I’m really happy that I can share my life with her and make music together. Have you been creating other things during this time? Mikko: I have also another band Kaamos Warriors. We have made four albums. All our albums are released by Inverse Records. Kaamos Warrios plays a little bit darker music than Dark the Suns, Kaamos Warriors haslots of black metal influences in the music. Did you miss the spark that is Dark The Suns? Mikko: We thought for a long time with Inka the return of the band. In 2020 the time was right and we started to write new music. Everything happened in really natural way and very soon we had recorded our new album Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä. The album was released in 2021 by Inverse Records.

Is it a literal return from the ashes and new life as on your new single ‘’Phoenix”? Mikko: As I said, our comeback album was Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä album that was released in 2021. At this moment we have worked with our brand-new album, which is actually ready to be released. Phoenix is single from our new album, not from our comeback album, but yes, you can call it return from the ashes. We have walked a long path with this band, so we are stronger and wiser than ever to write our music.

What is it the keeps you returning to the dark and melancholic? Mikko: It comes naturally from our hearts. We live in the north. We have long and cold winters in Finland. So, we live among the darkness and coldness very big part of our lives. Of course it influences naturally into our music. How do you define darkness, figuratively and literally?

Mikko: Literally darkness means to me a peaceful place, when the world has turned to sleep, night has fallen. Everywhere everything is silent. It’s literally really stressless time. Figuratively darkness means to me sorrow, melancholy, and loss. The darkness have lots of different aspects, everything depends on how we face the darkness.

The importance of melody in your music?

Mikko: Melodies have a big role in our music. Since day one we have written really melodic and melancholic metal music with beautiful piano melodies, choirs and strings. Guitars, drums and growling’s are the heavy part of our music, but piano, synths, choirs and strings are the soul of our music. The most important element to make right atmosphere.

Did you feel any pressure in returning and the comparison to your impressive back catalogue?

Mikko: We didn’t have any pressure because everything happened just in right time and naturally. I think that we get something from our old times, from our roots, in these last two albums (Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä and our brand new, still untitled, album) with some new elements.

The intimate almost personal nature of your music? is it Easy to channel emotions rather than the world around you or is it how you see it?

Mikko: I channel emotions into our music. Our music means so much to me, I’m living in that world very much. Metal music has been in my life since year 1996. I started to play guitar in 1998, drums in 2000. Same time I trained to play synths and bass. Singing in growling style I started in 1997. My first bands started in 2001. So, the music has been really big part of my live all these years and I have channelled lots of emotions into this kind of art.

Should music be passion and a feeling rather than a description or genre?

Mikko: Of course, yes! I write music for the passion of that form of art. I don’t think about the genres when I write music.

Is it a reflection of the human condition?

Mikko: Hard to say, but if you want to do something from your heart, of course it some ways reflects the sound of your heart.

What can we expect from the new album?

Mikko: It will include the best elements of our music ”beautiful piano melodies and dark vocals”. We also have a special guest vocalist in one song in our album! I’m really excited about that! The album will talk about northern nature, living among the dark forests and thousand lakes. We have cold winters but also beautiful summers. We have four seasons here and all of them have their own atmosphere in the beautiful nature.

What’s next for Dark The Suns ? Mikko: We will promote our new album during this year. Of course we also continue making new music, but at this moment we will enjoy of our new album. Top 6 albums of all time Mikko: 1. Dimmu Borgir: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant 2. HIM: The Greatest Lovesongs vol 666 3. Before the Dawn: Deadlight 3. Amorphis: Tales from the Thousand Lakes 4. Behemoth: The Satanist 6. Children of Bodom: Something Wild

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