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Cult Of the Night- ''We bring an evil only we can, we bring a rawness only we can.''

Penetrator-(Cult of The Night) ‘’It’s a return to the glory of the 80’s bands that influenced us. The evil riffs and imagery that captured us to listen to a band and be immersed in it with them. It was formed by Aaron “Axe Attack” Maniac, and he approached me to give the vocal duties a crack, and also play some guitar solos!

Aaron ‘’Real metal is music to the ears, and you can never have too much of a good


Penetrator ‘’Yeah for me metal is a way of life, like most that are into it as well. It’s more

like a family or religion than just a genre… well dozens of genres ha-ha.

The debut album Dance of the Witches “

Aaron ‘’If it was started when the first riff was written then it was 5 years ago, but as a

specific idea then it was written and recorded over two years. It was very exciting to see

it all takes shape and that makes it easy to work at and make it how we wanted it.

Has metal reached its point of Perfection.

Aaron ‘’ In reference to us, no we are not at any point of perfection. But it’s decent


Should it be celebrated with a couple of brews and a burning pyre?

Penetrator’’ Definitely have a drink and yeah, light whatever you want!

Any cracking riffs remaining…

Aaron ‘’ Every riff that wasn’t good enough for Dance of the Witches won’t be good

enough for the next release, because that release will be even better.

Should evil be celebrated

Penetrator’’ Ah, yeah…someone’s gotta do it!

How much does the dark lord influence your music?

Penetrator’’ He’s the 5 the member dude.

Speed metal or Thrash metal?

Aaron ‘’ Both are equal. We are a semi speed metal band, and we play heavy metal,


Does the materialism and modern society bother you or influence your music?

Penetrator ‘’Personally for this band it hasn’t but it certainly has for other projects I’ve

been involved in over the years.

What inspired you to Metal and the greatest riff of all time is?

Penetrator ‘’ When I first heard Metallica, I got Master of Puppets and …And Justice for

All at the same time, it just snowballed from there. Greatest riff? I can’t pinpoint it but

probably something of an early Slayer album!

Aaron – ‘’Judas Priest.

Has Metal become too Polished …

Penetrator’’ Some has, but I don’t really follow that side too much. I generally stick to

the rawer kinda stuff.

Is it missing the toughness that Cult of the Night brings?

Aaron’’ We bring an evil only we can, we bring a rawness only we can.

Proud to be known as an Australian band?

Penetrator ‘’Fuck yeah.’’

Plans for the future?

Penetrator— ‘’’Write more evil shit and have fun!

Aaron – ‘’Gigs, Tours, Albums.

Top 6 albums of all time?


Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Slayer – Hell Awaits

Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast

Judas Priest – Painkiller Venom –

Metallica – Master of Puppets


Slayer –Show No Mercy

Judas Priest –Screaming for Vengeance

Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales

Venom – Welcome to Hell

Motorhead – Iron Fist

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