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Cold July - ‘’Nothing is based off an idea but pure experience''

A.W.  ( all instruments) ‘’The inspiration  to create Cold July was a mix of different reasons. Heartbreak is something I am very much used to and is just a common or even a misplaced feeling sometimes. I started writing poetry about heartbreak and loss while listening to Hanging Garden and Nymphrenia one evening and that’s where the idea sparked from. The reason I chose the name Cold July, however, is I wanted to try something that’s not really been done before. I thought of July and made it sound gloomier. The reason I had July is I had the idea to Start Cold July in July 2023 back when me and one of my best friends would go trekking on a regular basis to the woods and cliffs.

How would you Describe DSBM…

‘’I would really describe it as a sound, just as DSBM has many sounds in itself. I Just kind of wanted to stick with a more experimental sound that captures my only true and raw emotions in wailing/shrieking styles that is drowned in reverb.

‘’I’m very happy with what people call my music. For me I consider it romantic DSBM for the sole purpose I focus mainly on failed romance, however I do also incorporate elements from other genres such as black gaze and my song ‘’How Can I Unmiss You? in which my friend collaborated on has elements from cinematic music.

Is there something alluring and attractive about isolation?

‘’I wouldn’t say anything in particular about isolation that really allures me, since I was a kid, I’ve always been a very closed off person, usually when I’m in a dark place or going through a low phase I isolate myself from everyone. I guess it’s where I’ve always found comfort when everything has always hit a rough point in my life.

The beauty of darkness….

‘’I myself see lots of beauty in darkness, it’s one thing that has drawn me into alternative subcultures since a young age, and growing up it delved into something more  where I have a fascination for things that are more dark or even gothic, although I  have never considered myself gothic. In terms of light of hope entering that depends, I often find hope to be a mask, fake almost, occasionally I like to seek hope, but darkness is where I often find true closure.

Does being a solo project allow you complete freedom …

‘’Most definitely! I’ve  always  had a hug vision growing up, especially in the last recent months recording ‘’Goodbye …My Love…’’ the whole process of just sitting down, writing something and recording, mixing each song in the way I  envision it is truly refreshing and its one of the few things that keeps me going.


Yor New Album. Goodbye …My Love.. What can we expect from it?

‘’the difficulty in answering this specific question is there’s many ways to answer it, but the simplest way to put it very raw in emotion. Each Song has something new to give whether it being completely improvised, maybe a really immersive lead, or even keys to a different vocal style that really pulls the focus in. Everything is intended, the use of synths, the emotion in every riff or lead guitar, the melodies, it was all intended.

‘’I’d say the album has helped a lot, the whole thing tells a story I’ve recently experienced from requited feelings, being left in the dark and being brung into a self-destructive spiral. The whole album I have written and recorded is to help release every emotion from every aspect of how I was feeling then, the whole reason I got my friend involved in one of the songs is that specific track is something of which affected them at the time.


It is an experience rather than an idea.

‘’Nothing is based off an idea but pure experience, whether the song   is about something that happened in the past is something I am currently going through, for example my debut album was more centered on past tense, whereas Goodbye..My Love.. tells a story of heartbreak and my spiraling mental health and drama that occurred between November 2023- late February 2024.


It will be different from previous collaborations.

‘’every collaboration you can expect music that I put my heart into, whether it’s the same style as Goodbye…My Love ... or a completely new sound, its always going to have my own signature sound or something that makes it truly special to me.

Even Death Must die? Does this allow for renewal?

‘’I think in general it kind of depends. I think there’s always a chance for new-found hope. Likewise I also believe nothing good can come from trying to rekindle lost connections in the sense of topics I cover, a lost love can never be refound, a  broken bond can never be what it once was, times change and so does everything around us .Sometimes it can bring something new and beautiful, sometimes it can bring nothing but pain and despair.


Final Thoughts…

‘’As far as Thoughts go, I don’t really know what to say other than how thankful I am to both have this wonderful opportunity, but also see the amount of people enjoying, listening and overall sharing my music. I’ve read almost every comment, almost every message and the support still hasn’t stopped.  It is completely Unreal and means the absolute world. It has truly put me a lot further than I thought Cold July would ever become.


Top 6 albums of all time

‘’this one I can’t answer for certain so to completely break it down Ill list my top 6 favorite DSBM albums of all time in order as my favorite bands as albums tend to change a lot.


Empty Moments - Left Alone

Goodbye Love … Hello Heartache – Hanging Garden

Waste of Skin - I’m a Coffin

Negative Memories - My Useless Life

When Negative feelings Drown this Life – Broken Life

Have A nice Day – Happy Ending


(Honorable Mentions)

…As the Bired Still Fly …-Left Alone

How Will You live Your Life Today? -  Hanging Garden

Make A Change… Kill Yourself - Make A Change… Kill Yourself

Losing Meaning- Nymphrenia

Cause Of Death: Life – happy Days




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