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Bulletbelt - ‘’Burn it up is the next logical step''

‘’Burn it up is the next logical step from our previous album Warlords. From the very beginning of Bulletbelt we have been willing to take the music wherever has felt right, without feeling restrained by the 'Metal rule book'. Burn it up is more melodic, has our strongest songwriting yet and takes a big step into a more refined sound.

Steve Francis (Drums) is the founder and creative spirit of New Zealand’s Bulletbelt. From their beginning through to such a diverse discography that includes five albums over fourteen years from ‘’ Rise of the Banshee’’ through to the excellent ‘’Nine centuries’’ and their last Album ‘’Warlords’’. They define modern metal that is proud of its heritage, tough uncompromising and fearless. The new album is ‘’Burn It Up’’.

''It's a call to arms. I wanted a strong classic metal album title like, Screaming for Vengeance, The Last Command, Welcome to Hell. It had to be three words and it had to have a theme. The songs are very anthemic and along with the amazing cover art (by Mr Wolf) it all completes the package.

‘’We looked back in history, but we also looked inward at ourselves. Fire interweaves through the album with the title track about the brutality of using Napalm in the Vietnam war, we explore the madness of Nero as he burns Rome to the ground on 'Incendium Magnum Romae' and there's 'Burn the Witch' which may surprise a few people with its 70's sounding chorus.

‘’The new album still retains the classic Bulletbelt sound, but it's way more refined. We took the less is more approach and trimmed as much fat as we could from the tracks.

What does new vocalist Diego bring to the mix?

‘’He has a huge voice and is very diverse. This has given us the opportunity to take the album in a more 'Classic Metal' direction while still maintaining our roots. He's a very good front man live and most importantly is a team player. The band has never felt as united and driven as we do at the moment.

Live you are aggressive and stripped back, is that more of what we can expect?

‘’Very much so, but there will be more of a show. We want to entertain and to bring more production around what we do, which will match the new direction on Burn it up. We don't want to be 5 dudes standing still on stage, we want energy, chaos and fun!

Being proud to be truly metal and what it means to you?

‘’To me it's a lifelong love of Heavy guitar-based music that began the day I first heard Van Halen when I was 10. You grow and explore heavier sub genre's and it all becomes ingrained in your DNA. My love of Metal goes from Van Halen to Venom to Morbid Angel to Dokken and everything in between. It's all the same to me. I'm lucky that I'm older and comfortable in my own skin to love what I love and not care about anyone else's opinion. Music is art and we should all strive to seek our own feelings and emotions from it. Not be swayed by what is cool or the flavor of the month.

On defying stereotypes within the genre?

‘’Much like my answer above, Bulletbelt has always Blazed its own path. We've never tried to follow what's cool in the scene at the time (although we respect how strong the current NZ scene is). We've just done what has felt right, followed our gut instinct and built this band up over the past 14 years (through many ups and downs). Never surrender.

The Continual Evolution of Bulletbelt?

‘’I live for this band, it's in my blood and it's very important to me. So, I give it the time, and work at it continually. Now we have a very solid line up with everyone pitching in pulling their weight and helping to drive us forward. It's a big commitment on everyone's part and if you aren't prepared to join us in the trenches, this isn't the band for you.

The upcoming European tour? Going to be a cracker!

‘’Yip, we're fizzing to get over there and experience the European Metal scene, meet the people, explore the landscape and show them who we are. We can't wait!

Top 6 albums of all time?

An impossible question to answer as it would change each day. But 6 big ones for me are.

WASP - S/T debut

Midnight - Satanic Royalty

King Diamond - Abigail

Death - Leprosy

Venom - Black Metal

Dark Angel - Darkness Descends

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