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Blodfält - '' I live in a constant war against temptations and spirits''

Blodfält is the sole creation of Mörtemiis, a musician and artist that is unafraid to pursue the boundaries of extreme music. Her authentic unapologetic Christian black metal defies those who have preconceived notions in regards to faith and extreme heavy music. It is raw, honest and brutally uncompromising beginning with the title of the new album Evangelism.

"I know someone who is a Christian and they once told me they reckon I have the gift of Evangelism. I don't really know what that meant, but I simply want to write song after song about spiritual warfare and tell tales of ancient prophecies that they may be coming true these days. If the world must end, so be it. I hate this world anyway. I want to take a darker approach with my lyrics when I talk about condemnation and sin. I wanted the music to be much more lo-fi and rawer and I intend to have the same sound with Blodfält's future releases." Has spirituality disappeared in the world?

"It depends on what you mean by 'spirituality'. Many people think being spiritual consists of tarot cards, Buddhist teachings, crystals with supposed magic powers and chakras and all that bullshit. All that is just part of the new age religions. The practitioners of these are blind to spirituality's true meaning. Their actions are pointless and won't heal anyone or anything. When I say this, the people associated with these things are always like "ugh, you're so negative you should seek healing and keep your opinion to yourself." That kind of stupidity and attitude makes me laugh but die inside a little, because I'm not being negative, I'm spitting facts and with people like that in the world, humanity is doomed due to lack of intelligence. I know the bible warns us of witchcraft but, having dabbled in the occult myself, I don't think witchcraft is in any way real. I tried a vast number of rituals and stuff, used Ouija boards, tried hexing etc., and nothing ever worked or happened. It's all fake to me. Real spirituality is constant prayer, fasting and having a disciplined spirit, being close to God. It is seeking Him and focusing on His way of guiding us. Not crystals and good vibes. Humans need to return to tradition. The old ways. I think the only way my spirit will be truly disciplined is by becoming a hermit."

Are you having any resistance spreading the Christian gospel? Or is it /should it be private?

"I'm not afraid to share a spiritual message or warn people of the end of ages through my music. I will tell tales of ancient prophecies and great terror, but sometimes I like to keep parts of my faith private. One thing that people should know is Christianity isn't about 'good vibes only' or being overly soft and angelic. Sometimes you gotta be stern and tough, never letting your guard down. That itself can be a struggle. One thing I will say is that if you think Heaven is a simple cloud realm full of children with sparrow wings playing the harp all day where all the 'angels' are pretty girls, and Hell is a big party full of metal and alt people drinking and smoking pot having a good time, I’m embarrassed cuz you don't know how deeply deceived you are.." How do you deal with faith? Are you comfortable or in a daily struggle to stay on the right path?

"I'm not ashamed of my faith, but I live in a constant war against temptations and spirits. The human mind is a dangerous dark place, it is the battlefield of the unseen. I know I sound like I'm going insane, but you know what they say; truth is often more obscure than fiction. I don't care if people hate me because of this. I want to be hated. I just don’t care anymore. I'm here to share a message and I don't intend to stop until I think I'm done."

Your song titled 'Prepare for the apocalypse.'

"I believe it is already happening. Economies are collapsing, sickness is everywhere, prices are soaring by the minute it seems, then people will barely be able to afford a loaf of bread. I know this. Though many choose to believe and dwell in deceit and greed, because they refuse to confess their wrongdoing, the world will become progressively worse and will, in the end, face judgement. Everything about our realm is falling apart. I feel like the four horsemen are riding across the skies making everything fall into place. This was prophesied long ago."

Is it rebellious to be a Christian? Sin appears to be universally accepted. …

"Sin has always been loved and accepted more. Therefore, being Christian in today's society is indeed rebellious. I like that. This does NOT mean I am, in any way, pure. No one is. And if today’s world sees being Christian as rebellious, then I am proud to be part of this rebellion. One thing I hate is the way people practically worship idols like the pope and pray to images of Mary or the archangel Michael. God commands us not to worship idols or pray to graven images. When will they realise the pope isn't in any way 'holy' or special? When will people open their eyes? Personally, I want to assassinate the pope. I hate the Vatican and I'm convinced the people associated with it are the cause of some of the world's greatest lies and problems."

Evangelism is the rawest of your albums so far...

"I want my sound to be authentic. Besides, raw low quality black metal usually sounds much better than high quality expensive studio recordings. I do enjoy melodic metal and power metal and want to mix symphonies into black metal. I love it when black metal songs have lots of atmosphere, though I try not to copy other bands. Compared to 'It Is Finished', Evangelism was much better. I intend to not use so much corpse paint or makeup in future project photos, but still look strange and somewhat... unusual, while I make more raw stuff." "The melody of 'Lamentation of the stricken hermit' was written on the piano when I was 13. I find that history from days of old are more inspiring and interesting to me than life today. Some lyrics are taken from bible verses and most of the time I just write about war and how I feel like I'm constantly in a struggle against spirits." Will you be incorporating different styles into Blodfält or creating different projects?

"I've already decided to mix both raw black metal and symphonic metal. I want to create more projects in the future with different musical styles. I am planning on making a dark ambient project when I’m older. Right now, I'm sticking to metal."

Metal in the mainstream media? It seems to be huge at the moment …

"I love it when people get into metal and actually enjoy it as much as I do, but I really hate it when their musical projects start to get recognised by mainstream media and become celebrities because of it, then they start to regress into a mere image. It’s like they feed off their fans praise and start to fill with pride and become not quite human. Mindless. Then 13-year-old metalcore kids decide to follow certain religions just because the said celebrity is part of that religion. Its cringe and unoriginal if you ask me. The battle vest is becoming a mere fashion accessory now. I only wear mine in the winter. I don't often wear any sort of accessories because I honestly don't care what people see. It's not like I'm on the red carpet or something. I don't like to be dramatic about social situations. Overall, I do think some people take metal too far and life too seriously. Sometimes they seem to think you can't have any sort of fun or joke around much. If you have that kind of attitude, please shut up cuz you're not being edgy or mature, you're just boring. I hate people who you can't laugh or joke around with. I enjoy making black metal but also like collecting valuable dolls." Christianity in black metal?

"I have been falsely accused of using occult imagery and secretly worshipping Satan in my lyrics. That makes me laugh at how judgemental and ignorant some people are. That’s not true. Christianity is no joke. Sure, one could be like 'oooh look at me I burned a church,’ but if you ask me, that’s kind of cringy cuz you're not offending or scaring us by doing that. The 'church' they see is just a stupid building. If you think burning churches makes you look scary or edgy, stop it, you make yourself look like a clown. The people gathered in Christ's name are the church, something that can't be destroyed so easily. Bringing Christ into black metal isn’t wrong, it’s based. It’s like God saw black metal and just thought 'ha, two can play that game'. With this, I bid you farewell. Blessings to you."

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