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Benjamin Raddatz - Auckland Based Traditional Excellence

"'I started tattooing in 2003. I was able to hang out in a tattoo shop here in Auckland, and muck around, I picked up a few skills. My tattooing really took off when I was offered to learn in the Netherlands, I moved there 2005 and tattooed for almost 6 years there, some of the best years of my life!''

What came first music/art.. I’d have to say the art, as it was accessed easier, I do remember a distinct moment (11/12) when the music definitely came into my life. What’s my style? ''I tend to steer towards the classics be it western traditional or Japanese...

styles I won’t do. ''I won’t fuck around with indigenous stuff.... or white power shit. I don’t do realism either hahahaha there are better tattooers out there to do it!


‘’This list is far too broad and abstract for me to answer sorry......’

how do I get inspired for art and tattooing

“the inspiration is the pay check in a nutshell... if I don’t work I don’t

get paid...”

has it taken me around the world?

‘Yes I have travelled a lot with tattooing, my favourite place to tattoo

would be Amsterdam!”

weirdest request..

“An anchor on a highly coked out navy dudes dick........... yes, I did

it, as previously discussed my motivation is pay checks, and this I

charged ALOT for....

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