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Asagraums A. Morthaemer

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Dawn of Infinite Fire is a brooding malevolent beast of Black Metal excellence from Asagraum. A. Morthaemer is the fury of their rhythm section, a drummer’s drummer, creating patterns and rhythms that not only complement but enhance their unique darkness. Hailing from Noord-Brabant, in the south of the Netherlands where she still resides, her drumming began at 13 years of age….

What was it that inspired you to play the drums? “When I was in high school I started listening to metal and I always wanted to play an instrument. My sister started to play guitar so I thought it would be nice to start a band together, so I decided to try to play drums. Since then I really found my instrument and never stopped playing.” Your original influences? "I am very much inspired by drummers such as Phil Taylor and Mikkey Dee from Motorhead, Nicko Mcbrain, Frost (Satyricon), Steingrim (Vreid/Windir). Your first live performance? "My first live performance was with my previous band in 2015 at a place called “Little Devil” "I had several bands in the past but nothing really serious, so my first real band was Sisters of Suffocation. But things got really serious when I joined Asagraum.

How did you come to join Asagraum? "When I decided to leave the band S.o.S, Obscura from Asagraum send me a message: Asagraum was looking for a new (preferably female) drummer and she asked me to do a rehearsal to see if there was a connection. And now, two years later, here we are, playing around the world. Your contribution to the song writing process? "I write the drums and Obscura writes all other instruments, we always finish songs together in the rehearsal room. How do you approach a song drum wise? "I listen to the riffs and I try to write unique drums for each part, I try to write something not every drummer would do. How hard do you hit!? "As hard as possible, but it’s never hard enough! Which do you prefer playing live or recording? "I really like to do both but if I have to choose then it is playing live. Because of the way it feels to receive the energy of the crowd. Do you follow any new bands? "Yes of course, I like to discover new music. I don’t mind if it is a new band or not, as long as the music is good. What inspires you? Music? Art? Literature? "I listen to a lot of music so most of my inspiration comes from that. But I can also be inspired by art and literature and sometimes by movies. What is the best band you have seen live? "This is a difficult one; I have seen a lot of great bands live, sometimes even play with them! But Taake never disappoints.

Do other live bands influence the way you perform live? "Yes certainly, I really like it when musicians go wild on stage while playing their music (depends on the music of course), it gives so much energy to the whole performance and that is something I like to do for myself. What is the best way to describe Asagraum? "Asagraum is a band that combines old-school black metal with some modern atmospheric and psychedelic influences. What are your top 6 favourite albums /demos? Taake – Doedskvad Primordial – Gathering Wilderness Winterfylleth – The Mercian Sphere Martyrdöd – Paranoia Skitsystem – Stigmata Fortresse – Thèmes Pour la Rébellion Plans for the future? "I hope I play many more cool shows and make more albums with Asagraum and who knows, maybe some other musical projects. "I hope I play many more cool shows and make more albums with Asagraum and who knows, maybe some other musical projects.

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