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Ardenite- ''We want to create a community where people feel welcome''

Wana White ‘’After being kicked out of a previous cover band project and having gathered enough self-confidence and frustration, I decided to start my own band in the summer of 2018.

‘’I was recruiting band mates over Facebook groups and quickly stumbled across Sebo! We were not the only ones in the beginning though, in the very first weeks of ARDENITE, there were 5 members.

We lost more and more members in the upcoming years, also due to Corona, and finally Sebo and I decided to stay a Duo!

‘’ We wanted to come up with a new & fancy name which didn’t exist before and which would stand for our sheer & burning passion for music!+

‘’ARDENITE had a great ring to it - it’s similar to dynamite, and the first half “arde” means “it burns” in Romanian, which was just perfect!’’

‘’ We started off as a typical Rock band with all of the initial band mates. As we lost more and more members, our sound started to crystallise and refine itself more and more.

Besides this Sebo has these crazy amazing skills as producer and DJ, always loving to experiment with new sounds. So we thought, why not use this as a strength and integrate those into our sound as well?

The term “cyber” originates from the game Cyberpunk, which is also a great inspiration for our aesthetic.

‘’We simply love experimenting with new sounds and techniques, always keep learning and surprising our listeners and fans!

‘’ Some of our greatest influences for our sound are MUSE, Billie Eilish, Korn, the Cyberpunk Soundtrack and Mick Gordon, the creator of the Doom Soundtrack.

‘’For my vocals specifically my greatest influences are Evanescence, The Pretty Reckless, Infected Rain, In This Moment and Halestorm.

‘’ I wrote Backstabber about 8 years ago after experiencing the painful betrayal of one of my closest friends at that time.

‘’In Flowers Don’t Care we address the topic of loss and death. We wanted to create a strong, almost shocking contrast between the handled topic and the dancey sound of the instrumental.

‘’’ I always write about topics from my personal experience so far. When I experience a truly powerful emotion, I feel the need to let it out and write it down.

‘’Also the personal experience allows me to write lyrics coming straight from my heart, which, I noticed later, is able to touch other people’s hearts as well.

‘’Our ultimate goal is to tour the world with ARDENITE! Travelling across all continents we want to share our passion and our music with as many people as possible - uniting as many hearts as possible.

‘’We truly feel like music saved our lives and we want to return this favour.

, accepted and cherished for exactly who and what they are.

''At the same time we want to encourage as many people as possible to fight for their own values and dreams and make them come true.

‘’ I’ve written the End Of The World at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, where everything seemed so unsafe, nobody was sure what was going on anymore and so many people lost their jobs and even their lives.

‘’Needless to say I fell into a deep depression during that time. Through the song we want to remind people, that our world as we know it can change in a second and thus we should remind ourselves of what is truly important to us.

‘’Whether that means spending time with our dearest persons or going after our dreams, let’s do it today, as we never know what tomorrow may bring.

(Wake Up) ‘’ Here’s the story: our dear friend, the Brazilian Cyberpunk producer Chypriann, reached out to us and asked us to write something powerful together, something to address the tense political situation in the world right now.

‘’That resulted in our Collaboration WAKE UP! The psychedelic music video as well as the sound and vocals emphasise the absurdity of the worldly situation we’re experiencing right now and aim to reach through to people’s hearts as a Wake Up call!

‘’This one is truly special to us, as it’s handling such a difficult sensitive political topic. We see it as our responsibility to use our voice and our art to thematise those scary topics as well, since often music can reach through to people’s hearts better than words can.

The messages hidden within your songs?

‘’Yes that is correct and I am so glad you noticed that! We believe that the talents which are given to each an every one of us are unique and we ought to use them for the greater good of our society.

‘’Therefore we see it as our mission to write about these deep messages. You will never see me write a song like “Hey baby, you’re so sexy”, that’s just not my vibe.

‘’I usually start writing and come up with a song skeleton, that includes the lyrics, the melodic line of the vocals and some basic chords. I then pass it over to Sebo and he sprinkles his production magic onto it making it bombastic.

‘’He truly brings out the best in our songs and I am so thankful for having him by my side!

‘’ The music that we make, which we call Cyber Pop Rock, can be shorty described as “deep messages conveyed though catchy experimental tunes”.

‘’Come with us on this most exciting journey of our lives of experimenting and failing, learning and growing - a journey back to our deepest most authentic selves!

‘’ We’re releasing new music and music videos every 2 months, so you better keep a close eye and ear on us to not miss anything!

‘’You can do that by subscribing to our Youtube Channel @ARDENITE and clicking the bell icon, by following us on Spotify @ARDENITE and on Instagram @ardeniteofficial.

We’re doing regular vlogs and livestreams there and we simply love interacting with our community - so don’t hesitate to hit us up and say hi!

Q: Top 6 albums of all time?

A: I’ll give you my personal favourites:

Avril Lavigne - Under My Skin

Evanescence - Fallen

Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal

Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark

Three Days Grace - One-X

The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up

A: We’re actually already working hard on the upcoming release! I can tell you already that it’s going to give you goosebumps and it’s coming out on the 28th of October 2022!

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