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Archurahl - Nihilistic Black Metal

‘’ I (Altgroth), the only member of Archurahl founded the band in 2020 and the first single was released in 2021. The purpose of the band is to remind myself of my self and to establish a link between my inner world and the outer world.

‘’I cannot say that I have a completely nihilistic point of view, but my music can sometimes be composed with intense nihilistic feelings. The feelings and emotions I have while composing my music can always change. You are listening to the music of someone who is unstable and turbulent

‘’My source of inspiration can always change, but usually my own inner voice inspires me. It is easy for me to find inspiration in the forest because the environment where I can hear my inner voice best is in the forest. It's not just the forest. all of nature helps me to find inspiration. I listen to myself, the birds, the wind, the trees. I find inspiration thanks to nature.

‘’I like all kinds of extreme metal. The thing that attracts me the most in extreme metal genres is undoubtedly intense noise. It may not be right to call it noise, but I am in love with this noise. More than just noise, it’s incredibly hard and powerful notes draw me in. This music genre contains the most extreme genres, so it is very important for both metal music and all music genres. The hardest and most brutal form of notes.

‘’There are many people I like and admire, some of them may be from the world of music, some from the world of politics, and some from my social life, but there is no one who determines my ideology. I don't want to be attached to ideologies, so my music has no ideology. At least for now, I can easily say these, maybe in the future I will add an ideology to my music.

‘’ I like to reflect my ideas through music. I reflect my feelings and inner world with this type of music. I may start a dungeon synth project in the future, but archurahl will always make Raw Black metal or some derivatives. I don't want to stray too far from this genre. I can express myself very well with this genre.

Honestly, when I recorded that song, (‘'Maybe This Efforts Are all in Vain'') I was in a lot of trouble in my life. I wrote the lyrics and recorded the music at a time when I had no hope. One should always give place to hope, but not everyone can be hopeful all the time. Sometimes you go through hopeless and completely dark periods. sometimes you get a lot of things right in life and live full of hope. If you say that there is always hope to a person who is going through dark and hopeless days, it means nothing to him. This song is a very spiritual song for me. it reminds me of pain and my dark soul. sometimes there is no room for hope, sometimes you have no choice but to be hopeful.

‘’No, the answer is definitely not religion. Religion is not enough for a person to clean himself. You cannot clean yourself by taking refuge in religion, but you think you have cleaned yourself. I don't know how to be clean, but that's not the part to discuss. Is it necessary to clean? what is holy? You will feel better when you find answers to these questions. To me it is worthless to be unholy and blessed. It doesn't matter to me, it doesn't matter, I'm trying to get to know myself.

''Now let me tell you my favourite albums that come to my mind, but more albums that I did not think of are among the best. this list is not in order but in random order

A Blaze in the Northern Sky

envaatnags eflos solf esgantaavne

Goatcraft Torment

A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors

Spleen black metal

Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism

Sons of Northern Darkness

Blood and Vomit

Ritual Music for the True Clochard

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