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Aphantasia - '' This genre is inherently destructive and negative''

Aricept (all instruments)’’The idea of Aphantasia started in 2022 but never really started until 2023. Originally it was started as a noisy dark ambient project using the themes of the inability to create mental imagery in a unique way. This can be seen with the first song made for Aphantasia, VOVI; which takes inspiration from a real practice, the VVIQ. Being a solo project, obviously it’s only me making everything, which is a blessing and a curse. For example, since the first album ‘Memories’ I’ve wanted to play live, which is not possible. However, I’ve been talking with another guitarist, so I’m not sure if it will stay solo forever.

‘Heartfelt’ was actually the original name for the album ‘Dödens Luft’ when it was originally being created. I decided to save the name for what is now ‘Heartfelt.’ Originally it was just another album, but I decided to save it because the other releases felt half-baked after re-listens; so, I made song after song and only after a song sounded great would I decide to keep it. I also switched out the drums for a E-kit instead of a VST, the E-kit played by me obviously. I think the further tweaking and only having 15 songs makes each song fully complete in my eyes.

Endelig Død I and II what does the inevitability of being finally dead represent?

‘’The first song is a slow Trist inspired raw piece designed to feel like bleeding out on the floor, while the second song is the end of the album and life itself. The last 5 songs on the album are designed to build up to this feeling, with the third last song being a moment of contemplation, a calm melancholic song.

The decision to merge ambience with Black metal, was this conscious decision or the natural development of Aphantasia.

‘’I guess you could say it was half and half. I wanted to do two different things, I wanted to do black metal, I wanted to do ambient stuff and I couldn’t decide which to do, so I just chose both as most DSBM projects/bands are inspired by dark ambient anyway.

Are these moments of melody the briefest rays of light or hope?

‘’The melodies are only light in comparison to the dark. They are only hopeful in comparison to absolute desolation. They are neither the rays of light nor the darkest dark. They are the middle ground.

The abandonment of’’ Heartbreaker, Bringing Me Down’’’ and its vengeance?

‘’This song is about somebody not caring about the hurt they can cause by dumping their emotions on an already hurt person. “If you knew, every time you stepped over me” is their feelings and mental state getting stepped on for the betterment of somebody else, not trying to show their feelings about how hearing such things can hurt them.

Your music is deeply personal.

''Like somebody once said, this music is not about your emotions, it is about the musician transporting their emotions to you. Giving you the window into their mind and mental state. Due to this, you can only relate to the music. You can’t really take it at surface level. You have to delve into your own mind to connect yourself to this genre, and I think that makes it beautiful.

Are you proud to be known as a depressive black metal musician?

‘’Being a DSBM artist is not like any other genre. There’s no being proud about it. You can hate the music you make, or you can love it. The music is what matters, the only part of the artist that matters is their emotions in the music. Anything past that and the music loses it. 

Is it a negative or a positive creation?

‘’As a whole, this genre is inherently destructive and negative. Not everybody takes it in that way, but it has ‘depressive’ in the name for a reason.

‘’In music, there aren't limits but there are fake boundaries. In mainstream music, you can’t say this, can’t say that. In underground music, you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that. It’s all subjective bullshit. Limits only destroy the creative mind in my eyes. 

How do you define uncompromising?

‘’Art has no restraints; it only has the personal ideals of the artist. An artist can think that minimalism is garbage, so do you think they will enjoy that art or make it? No, they won't. The constraints are only what you make of them, so find your own and don’t borrow others. 

Plans for the future.

‘’For the future, is likely to perform as stated above, and I don’t know if there will be any releases for quite a while. It’s been album and album for 2023 so slowing down seems like the reasonable idea to me.

Top 6 albums of all time?

1: Utfryst - Intig

2: Southwest Passage - Striborg

3: Death, Pierce Me - Silencer

4: Sebevražední andělé - Trist

5: Livets ändhållplats - Shining

6: Make A Change… Kill Yourself - Make A Change… Kill Yourself


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