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Anna KiaRa - ''Hope goes as a red line through the album''

‘’My music became more confident and mature compared to the first album Storyteller. I feel that I reveal my composing talent step by step, and that I haven’t reached the ceiling in it yet.

Anna KiaRa’s new album is Archangel, a epic record that continues her growth musically that transcends the description of Symphonic metal . It is bigger, more grandiose yet also personal and intimate.

‘’For every composer the music that he writes is very personal. You always show your inner world, feelings and thoughts, you are really open in it, and it can’t be the other way when you compose.

‘’The second album is really more confident compared to the first one. I also played with different styles of music, and I really liked it. I did it not on purpose, but because that was what I composed and how I felt. So, it’s not completely symphonic or power metal, there you can also hear modern song, symphonic black metal song and doom-folk song. I was doubt about fan’s reaction on it, but in the end, they liked it!

This also includes different vocals techniques ‘’ Yes, this is my personal skill, I can mix opera and pop-rock vocal, and I like the possibilities that it gives to me! I’m not restricted in expression of the music and emotions, and I can decorate any melody and song with some interesting vocal elements.

What does the archangel mean?’’

As a symbol it means protection and start of something new at the same time. For me it also means that I spread my wings and let myself to stay on my own in the musical way.

‘’This album is appeared to be a conceptual one, and I realized it only when I finished the composing and put the songs in the right order. The album starts from the darkest song in symphonic black metal style ‘God Of War’, which shows us the ancient god that wants to release himself from his role of the god of war. Then, through all the album we see the evolution of his soul, quite similar to reincarnation, and in the end, after many lives, he becomes an archangel. This line gives us hope that we can change everything in our lives if we really will work on it step by step.

Is it influenced by spirituality and positives such as ‘’Hope”?

‘’Yes, as I just have mentioned, hope goes as a red line through all the album, and it expressed in the song with the same title.

Yet is it also tinged with sadness such as ‘’The last goodbye”?

‘’There is no sadness in this song at all. Last Goodbye is the song about the decision to turn all the failures in life to advantages and say goodbye to all the bad memories and moments in life that pull down from the new accomplishments.

And anger? ‘’God Of war’’? Yes, this is the only one song that can be sang a played with anger, but still in this song the bad god tried to fight it inside.

How do you define the ‘Heart of Life’?

‘’This song is about all the creators that try to find peace and inspiration in what they do.

The importance for music to reflect all aspects of life and their colours?

‘’That’s the only way how music works actually. You can’t compose a song about something too abstract, you have to imagine it and give it an image and emotion.

Your appearance of The sounds of Silence Capella?

‘’Ranthiel write to me with the collaboration offer. She made all the arrangements herself, and me and Zuberoa just sang it. I like her interpretation and how we sound together!

Plans to support the new album.

’’Yes, I have a small tour from the end of August in Europe! I’ll play in Germany, Belgium and France with such bands as Alia Tempora, Flowerleaf, Onirik Illusions and Burnt Umber. There are my very first shows in Europe with Anna KiaRa, so I’m really excited! You can find the venues and cities names on my social media!

Top 6 albums of all time?

Nightwish – Wishmaster Kamelot – The Black Halo Dimmu Borgir – Eonian Linkin Park – Meteora Queen - Innuedo Two Steps From Hell – Archangel

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