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Anarazel - ''The diabolic flames are definitely burning bright''

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

The utterly uncompromising Anarazel (Melbourne AUS) have returned to continue their blasphemy and vison of the apocalypse. The evil spirits of Exhumer (vocals) and Defiler (vocals) unleash black metal that is pure, true, and unrelenting. The new album is Our Dark Lord & Saviour.

(EXHUMER): The Iconoclastic Rebirth EP (2020), was our first release in a long time. However, it lit the flames of unholy hatred, which fuelled the desire to unleash an album that would be devastating & brutal. It’s our way of saying, ‘we’re truly back’ & this latest offering is going to vaporise your flesh & defile your soul.

(DEFILER): We came back from the dead and brought a piece of hell with us! That was definitely the intention. We wanted to take the second incarnation of Anarazel to a new level, which I think we already succeeded in doing with Iconoclastic Rebirth in 2020. The new album exceeds that and is certainly our most relentless release to date.

It has been a very long time between albums.

(EXHUMER): Our vision hasn’t wavered but the song writing formula has become even darker, faster & more blasphemous. Also, the more ‘modern/ fashionable’ music I stumble upon, the stronger the repulsion, so the desire to continue unleashing Devil’s metal remains strong.

(DEFILER): Anarazel has always strived to produce the most diabolical sound we can. We’re not concerned by what other bands are doing. Of course, we are the sum of several parts, and individuals bring their own styles and influences to the band, but the game plan has always remained the same.

The level of musicianship is intense. Was it always the plan to move forward yet still be pure black metal?

(EXHUMER): The current Anarazel line up is able to take it to that next level, so we will continue to push boundaries of musical violence. With Revenant (guitar), Evenor (bass) & Profanator (drums), only time will tell just how far we can carry our dark visions. But no matter what, Defiler & I will make sure that Anarazel will remain a black metal band at its core.

(DEFILER): I don’t see our progression in a lateral sense. We’re not moving forward. We are ascending to the heavens and storming the pearly gates!

Has the genre become too diluted with post, ambient etc? Is Anarazel the cure?

(EXHUMER): Old school black metal is a style set in stone. Once you start experimenting & deviate from the formula, you end up with something else altogether. Musical trends cum & go but Anarazel is a band for those, who want to hear black metal, for what it is supposed to be- sacrilegious, offensive, vicious & grim. No sugar plum fairies or pretentious forest gnome music to be found here.

(DEFILER): Anarazel is certainly a breath of rotten air for those who want an undiluted brand of unholy black metal. The broader genre is loaded with bands who offer fancy themes… good for them. We are not one of those bands.

Is it closer to pure Anarazel?

(EXHUMER): With ‘Our Dark Lord & Saviour’, the diabolic flames are definitely burning bright.

(DEFILER): I think everything we produce is pure Anarazel in that we never deviate from our goals. The new album brings us closer to where we want to be.

It is also openly violent towards organized religion. "Satan is king" sends a clear message.

(EXHUMER): Exactly. The philosophies of the weak (for the weak) pave the way to misery. The ongoing lies continue to spawn suffering to the blind & the obedient. The worshippers of the carnal ways shall always inherit the earth & all its pleasures.

(DEFILER): Sometimes a message is best delivered with a fist to the face. Lyrically, we leave ambiguity for the poets, and often use old fashioned bluntness to make our statements.

Is Satan the great adversary?

(EXHUMER): To me ‘Satan’- (being true to oneself & going along with nature, rather than against it), is what represents success in life. He is the champion of the genuine world order & an enemy of falsehood.

(DEFILER): Satan is King!

has Satanism been adapted into a more modern concept to create individual expression and realize one's true potential?

(EXHUMER): This is an ancient concept that has been misinterpreted & misunderstood. It has also been manipulated by those who seek to rule over & suppress others. This has worked very well, especially in the monotheistic religions, with quite deviating consequences, that resonate throughout the world to this day.

The ‘Devil’ (seeker of truth/ knowledge) has been vilified & in turn the ‘herd’, is ordered to bow down to a wrathful & jealous deity. A father figure, who can torture you for eternity even for basic natural attributes & desires. You are damned in sin from the outset & will be punished for even the slightest discrepancies, including thought crime. But don’t worry, he still loves you.

(DEFILER): While people continue to attend their churches, worship their fictitious deities, and believe in the easter bunny, we will continue to use the power of Satan as our dark lord and saviour.

How do you define an unclean spirit?

(EXHUMER): The spirit has not been sterilised & still containing all the natural characteristics & is responsible for its ultimate destiny. It represents ‘truth, undefiled wisdom’ & vital existence. It represents indulgence, instead of abstinence.

(DEFILER): When you put coke in your whiskey… Hehe.

And for those who are "comfortable" with just existing?

(EXHUMER): No one needs to do anything, for they create their own demise. Sooner or later life will throw an obstacle down their way- war, natural disaster, becoming an adult- take your pick. The weak will wither away, sometimes even by their own delusions & unrealistic life expectations. There is an old saying- ‘If you sit by a river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by’. The natural world order will always remain triumphant.

(DEFILER): The earth is overrun by hordes of oxygen thieves. One can either be upset by that fact or be content in the knowledge they are their own worst enemies, destined to crumble and fade into insignificance.

Is there more than just this existence?

(EXHUMER): I don’t believe in the afterlife, but you can live eternally through your deeds. Who does not know the name of Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great? Art is one of the best ways to leave an honourable legacy- think Bach, Mozart, Beethoven.

Heaven & Hell are experienced here on earth on a daily basis, but you can also create your own paradise or perdition by your actions.

(DEFILER): I don’t believe there’s anything for us on the other side. Once the flame of life has been snuffed out, we cease to exist. What we do during our time on Earth is what is important, and the legacy we leave is our only form of “afterlife”.

The heretic priest and their negative influence?

(EXHUMER): In a broader sense, it's the antithesis of everything that is destructive to the natural spirit. You have to be aware of the lies & those who aim to subvert you for their own wicked purposes. They are the deluded & the wretched will do anything to take you down to their level of woefulness. But being ‘aware’ & having the courage to live life to its fullest can only lead to prosperity.

(DEFILER): What better way to attack the church, than to do it within its own walls? Heretic Priest tells the tale of a man of god who becomes seduced by the darkness. He turns his place of worship into a temple of sin and convinces those around him to similarly follow the left-hand path.

The shows and plans to promote the new album.

(EXHUMER): We are currently at the end stages of our ‘Our Dark Lord & Saviour’ tour. We performed in Melbourne (Frankston) 5/8, (Fitzroy) 12/8, Adelaide 19/8 & Sydney is coming up on Saturday 9/9.

(DEFILER): Beyond this, we are planning shows later in 2023 and early 2024, which will be announced soon!

How will Anarazel evolve?

(EXHUMER): Defiler & I have already started putting together new Satanic propaganda for the next album. Time will tell just how far into the abyss we can take the future Anarazel. No rest for the wicked.

(DEFILER): Anarazel will continue to raise the bar and deliver the most unholy black metal imaginable. Our Zenith is every time we play a show or record an album, because we will always conquer and never compromise!

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