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Anarazel - ‘’Pure metal is uncompromising, unapologetic"

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Defiler (Vocals) and Exhumer (Guitars/Vocals) have been the stalwarts of the Melbourne (Aus.) underground since Anarazel’s creation. An outfit that has been mocking the masses and uninformed since 1996. Their unholy Black Metal is raw, powerful, and true, an ideal that remains steadfast from their inception.

Defiler: ‘’My interest in the occult & heavy metal made for a natural pathway to darker, more extreme music and ultimately the desire to form a black metal band. I first became aware of the demon Anarazel while researching an old occult encyclopaedia. Anarazel by definition is Hell’s treasurer. A demon who guards subterranean riches, raises violent storms, and reigns terror upon humankind. This seemed an appropriate and unique name for the band.

The Creation of unholiest of Black metal?

Defiler: ‘’A love of heavy music, combined with a hatred of all things holy. An avenue to express creatively and aggressively without boundaries.

Exhumer: ‘’I’ve always had an interest in the occult. And being involved with Black Metal, is like connecting to a dark universal energy. So, when composing a song, the more blasphemous & unholy it is, the more liberated & fulfilled I feel.

Pure musical destruction?

Exhumer: ‘’I find Black Metal to be awe inspiring music taken to the extreme, like Wagner on crack. Most of the billions of earth’s inhabitants will view it as noise, whereas the chosen few will connect with its true spiritual calling. The less that knows about its secret, the better. Playing/ listening to Black Metal has something familiar, yet mystical about it.

‘’You can look at it as the ritual destruction of conventional music, beliefs, or ideas but for me, it’s been a positive attribute & a driving force in life enhancement & personal development.

Iconoclastic Rebirth is the new release. Pure Anarazel?

Exhumer: ‘’Getting there but there’s still a way to go before we achieve the ‘pure Anarazel sound’. Every release brings us closer to it. No rest for the wicked.

Defiler: The Anarazel sound has evolved over the years and will continue to do so. Unlike other bands though, we have no intention of slowing down or changing direction. If each new release doesn’t bring you closer to Hell, then we have failed to meet our objective!

What is pure metal it represents?

Exhumer: ‘’Since its inception, metal gradually moved towards being darker, harder, faster. So, for me, the Scandinavian styled Black Metal is in its ‘purest’ form.

It actually represents one’s true carnal feelings & emotions, channelled sonically. Existence can be very bleak with no happy ending, so Black metal is basically telling life- Fuck you, my flame will burn eternally because I’m connected to something greater.

Defiler: ‘’Pure metal is uncompromising, unapologetic, timeless and comes from the heart.

Is it also a war cry?

Exhumer: ‘’Yes, enemies beware. As far as the brainwashed masses are concerned, they can wallow in their deluded, fake, plastic world all they like. But what does history teach us? The weak always fall apart & wither away into damnation.

Defiler: ‘’Our enemies are doing a fine job of killing themselves and each other. That doesn’t mean we can’t give them a push… and piss on their corpses in the aftermath.

Is your music to empower the weak or for those brave enough to find their own path?

Exhumer: ‘’It’s for the few kindred spirits that share our connection to the darkness.

Defiler: ‘’I like to think our music and everything it represents can empower people. Whether that leads them down the left-hand path or simply causes them to ask questions and open their minds.

Is it war?

Exhumer: ‘’It’s a battle that we are winning. Their days are numbered.

The destruction of organized religion? Why is it so abhorrent?

Exhumer: ‘’The corruption, sexual abuse, hypocrisy, perversion, absurdity, bloodshed, frailty & lies of these false dogmas have been exposed. We will continue to divulge just how vile, dangerous, harmful & guilty these myths are.

10. The inspiration and influences that led you down this path?

Exhumer: ‘’Discovering more extreme bands & styles as time went by. Reading the so-called ‘holy books’ opened my eyes to how misleading and outdated these 'false religious teachings' have been to the development of the human psyche. It inspired me to create my own destiny.

11. Will you get any heavier? Can you?

Exhumer: ‘’Compared to our past releases, our recent works are even more intense, as we now have a dual vocal attack. And we can for sure increase the brutality, speed & blasphemy. All you need is inspiration & a strong team of talented Heathens, which can pull it off. Currently we have all the above requirements, which will be demonstrated on our upcoming full-length album.

Defiler: ‘’Heavier in both the musical performance and the message we deliver… that’s our intention.

12. You have a lot of shows and things planned to come up?

Exhumer: ‘’Actually there is quite a lot going on with Anarazel. We have 3 scheduled performances coming up:

We are headlining the annual Heathen Fest in Canberra, Saturday 3/9/22

Followed by 2 Melbourne shows, Saturday 10/9/22 at The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar

And Melbourne DeathFest, Saturday 22/10/22 at The Bendigo Hotel.

‘’There is a mini documentary, containing interviews & live footage in the works, as well as some official videos for a couple of tracks from our Iconoclastic Rebirth EP.

We have also commenced the recording of our next full album. It’s the first one with our current line up, so I'm greatly looking forward to unleashing this beast. We are all seasoned musicians & I have no doubt that we will summon the required demons, to make this the best Anarazel album yet. We will be releasing it on our US label- Adirondack Black Mass on vinyl & CD, hopefully in early 2023.

13. Plans for the future?

Exhumer: ‘’Apart from releasing the new record, we aim to perform extensively during 2023/ 24 in Australia & beyond, to promote our music.

14. Top 6 albums of all time?


Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse

Immortal- Battles in the North

Ulver- Nattens Madrigal

Sodom- In the Sign of Evil

Napalm Death- Scum

Carcass- Symphonies of Sickness


A tough question… ask me next week and the list might be different!

Slayer – Reign in Blood

Venom – Black Metal

Kreator – Pleasure to Kill

Megadeth – Rust in Peace

Mercyful Fate – Don’t Break the Oath

Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast


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